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    Are we ever going to clarification on why our spells cost mana now?

    As the title says. I can't post in the shaman feedback official forum because i don't have Beta access, but this is something we REALLY need to raise a cry about. You can't play ascendance on the beta because you go out of mana spamming lava burst. Druids are a hybrid like us yet their spells don't cost mana, monk is the same with no mana cost. Paladin's cost a little mana but it is not on spammable abilities. Their crusader strike and judgement cost mana but they have cooldowns and charges.

    We have 1 spammable ability that is our main resource generator and one ability that, if ascendance is picked, is spammable and costs quite a bit of mana. I don't see the reasoning behind this. People were speculating that changes would be made to how our spells worked or something but i find this to be absolutely absurd.

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    can't imagine they want to bring mana back as a DPS resource, especially after it was finally removed for locks in BfA. I assume it's just beta shenanigans, as it makes no sense for our rotational dps spells to prevent us from spending mana on utility like healing, purge and CC.

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    Class identity maybe? Warlock also spends mana on his spells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightning- View Post
    Class identity maybe? Warlock also spends mana on his spells.
    ah yes, because lorewise, shamans are known for their copious mana usage

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    Possibly a remainder of an earlier Beta change that removed Maelstrom, which was later brought back. Hover Lava Burst on your action bar, it should tell you how to report a bug with that ability at the bottom (default key: F6) and report this mana cost.
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    this might just be a switching back and forth between maelstrom and fulmination over sight/bug. I can see maybe our healing spells costing mana, or any utility ability. I don't see mana being an issue for elemental with the was all classes work now, even arcane mage is hard to run out of mana

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    Well they reduced mana costs now so everything stays the same. Only dps shamans need mana costs. You just shouldnt go oom doing your rotation.

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