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    Why do people come here looking for validation in their own thinking..... Just stop playing it. I did. I'm still drawn in by the lore so I enjoy that.

    If you're tired of early releases, wait a few tier sets before coming into it. Something I've always done in the past as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    Sounds like you have never actually entered the real world. That is reaqlly going to suck for you when you aren't handed everything and are forced to make a real choice while pople won't give into your temper tantrums. You are hte one who won't be able to handle actual consequences as you are already acting like a child becuse Blizzard won't hand you everything and are actually making you chose.

    Also, guess what? It's not your game. It's Blizzard's. You don't like what they put out? That is your problem, not theirs. Go play another game if it bothers you so much. You really need to grow up because right now you are acting like a 4 year old.
    Not even gonna touch on the real life subject anymore, as arguing about that constantly is literally not worth it. I have experienced real life enough to want to use gaming as something to unwind, and you think that I've never experienced life and I am a 4 year old. Let's just agree to disagree.

    I know that Blizzard is making their own game. But that doesn't mean that as a paying customer that I will not try to ask for change, and when it comes to the proper forums, I have made very detailed and constructive posts in the beta forums for what I want changed and gave feedback on how everything feels. You are not blizzard though, and you are certainly not constructive or nice, just like many others here, so you are treated the way you treat me.

    Thank you for engaging with me in a conversation for the past few days, but I think that there is nothing else to discuss between us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfric Trumpcloak View Post
    You must be new around here. I've seen this movie at least 5 times now. Blizzard announces an expansion. People fall for the hype. The expansions turns out to be shit and they do nothing but complain on the forums. We have yet another 8+ month content drought at the end of an expansion in which many people promise to quit and never return. Then blizzard announces a new expansion and it all repeats.
    So I guess you have quit 5 expansions ago? Or are you one of the people who falls for the hype every time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfric Trumpcloak View Post
    Don't bother trying to convince anyone of anything. It's an endless cycle.
    And yet people still come and post despite having quit the game. That is also an endless cycle.

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