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    A rogue...

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    I think a thread like this is better suited for an RP forum tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemah View Post
    An alt to camp Nalak with, lol.
    Lmao, two types of people in this thread.

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    Based on the things I do with my rogue I would say hes a guerilla assassin. Popping out of nowhere killing someone then vanishing again. I just like to keep others on their toes like "lets do our quests before he comes back".
    WoW forums in a nutshell:
    m8 i've been around since Feb 2005, I know it all.
    So I was using a gold dupe hack. I don't know why i was banned for this. It is so unfair.
    People need an incentive to play content. "Its fun!" is simply not enough.

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    I rp my rogue as a treasure hunter.

    He was addicted to knowledge, that's how he went from a scholar and aspiring mage, to researching void magic, until the eventual thing happened and got tained.

    His magic did him little good, as stormwind (especially on rp server) were quite disliked and suspected to be spies at the start. So he had to adapt.
    Trained, used dirty fighting techniques, used his knowledge of arcane and the void to enhance his fighting style, and last but not least, became a treasure hunter to not only fund himself, but also gather valuable tomes and artifacts over the course of his career, furthering his endless hunger for knowledge.

    You can be pretty darn creative with rogues imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proper Ninja View Post
    rogue is the hardest class to play. people don't generally help rogues or pay attention to them. ignored mostly.
    In what dimension do you live does rogue have to require effort, pve or pvp? Unless you only play sub in which case ignore me.

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    When I think of rogues I think of Tony Two Tusk. And then I think of the Defias. And then I think of Mr. Smite. And then I think of Captain Cookie. And then I think, "man, a Murloc really was phantom-leading the entire Defias Brotherhood for a while there," and then I think, "man, that gauntlet of Vanessa VanCleef's was a pain in the butt on heroic, I hated that," and then I think of Valeera because their names are kind of similar, and then I think man bright red is terrible for hiding, but then I think I remember her saying it was for hiding blood stains, and then I remember how the rogues in the Thrall cinematic canonically turn invisible with void magic so whether rogue outfits are red or hide blood doesn't really matter and that rogues aren't really about actually being sneaky but rather they're just stabby slashy (sometimes choppy smashy) poison jerks, and then I remember Magatha and how she poisoned Cairne and I feel a little sad, and then I wonder why tauren can't be rogues, and then I remember of course the best tauren are of course the best rogues because you can never find them, and then I think of Mr. Smite again and the rest of all the other tauren pirates and grimtotem bandits and marauders and mercenaries and I remember there's actually a lot of other tauren rogues...

    But anyway this was supposed to be about void elves.

    As for void elves, as trippy as it would be to visualize space pirates in space stealing space ships and all the cool Treasure Planet vibes that come with it, I kind of have to keep in mind that a lot of high elves were probably part of the Farstriders. But, also, there were a lot of high elf merc ships and destroyers so that means there probably actually are a lot of void elf pirates out there which means, canonically, weird trippy space void elf pirate shenanigans isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. And frankly I think that's the coolest interpretation so I'd rather think of them like that.

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    You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

    But elves ruin any discussion.

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    racials and animations are the most important thing for me personally.

    For rogue there are quite a few races with powerful racials. So if you like the racials and animations/look and tone of the character then you're winning. I dont need a RP fantasy.
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    My human rogue is a secret agent for the SI7 and he can blend in anywhere, he mostly gathers intel but if he has to kill a crucial target or kill in selfdefence he will without hesitation and no one will ever find the bodys. He is a man with a though upbringing and learned to fight dirty from a young age. When he was 14 he got cought by stormwind guards sneaking around inside stormwind castle. Shaw was impressed he could make it pass the security and gave him two choices. 10 years in a cell in the stormwind stockades or give up on everything he knew and start his military training. He is now shaws first choice for any advanced mission.

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    For a void elf? Probably a proper emo that took his emoness (probably not a word, but it should be) to a other level!

    My alt orc rogue is a 100% psychotic maniac with every mental issue in the world! I am balancing that with my main, which is a serenity filled monk mistweaver!

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    The Ghost from Ghost of Tsushima. Sometimes I wish Rogues could wear 2 handed swords

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    I never really think about all this jazz.
    I play a Night elf Rogue, because I love Shadowmeld and Rogue just seems to have a pretty fluid rotation, lots of utility and 3 specs to choose from in-case one starts lacking behind.
    That's pretty much it lol.

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    My rogue is an expensive assassin.

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    I've always imagined my rogue as Subtley spec and nothing else. Shrouded in shadows sneaky spy; like Starcraft's Dark Templar meets Metal Gear's Snake inside a medieval fantasy.

    I loved when shadowstep was added to the game, was perfect for my rogue fantasy. I've actually never speced Combat or Assasination for long just because I don't like those themes as much haha.

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    I've got 2 rogues. One is a Gnomish assassination rogue (my main) who I generally play as a spy, scout character. Which fits really well for him since the Gnomeregan Covert Ops is a thing.

    My 2nd rogue is Goblin Outlaw. Her usual work consists of treasure hunting/relic looting (and I have the corresponding title lol), but she also takes on freelancing smuggling and mercenary work. She does have a natural interest in archeaology and believes that powerful artifacts should be safeguarded, but her goblin instincts kick in and she likes to charge the Reliquary a fortune for the artifacts she collects. I like to think of her as Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and the TF2 Scout rolled into one. She's highly distrustful and wary of magic and their users, so she supplements her natural street smarts (having grown up on the streets of Kezan) with engineering expertise and gadgets galore to overcome them.

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    For me...

    Outlaw = pirate/smuggler
    Sub = spy
    Ass = ninja
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    My blood elf rogue's fantasy is outlaw is a fun spec to play and it was the best M+ spec, so it was a mere tool to achieve what i wanted to easily. So in a way Rogues are just tools.
    Never underestimate the unknown, or some shit. *shrugs i unno*

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    In civil society? I smarmy and suave social climber.

    Outside the safety of city walls? Silently prowling, always looking for members of the opposing faction doing something they shouldn't.

    So, essentially, Batman.

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    A Rogue. My Rogue is a Rogue. It got enough fantasy in itself. And he’s not a hero. He is just a normal adventurer. Everytime a NPC in the game calls me Hero or Champion, I say “Shut your mouth! I’m not your hero. I’m just a regular person in Azeroth!”. Then I look to the left and I see a thousand ret paladins run past me all wielding the Ashbringer.

    Blizzard ruined the game by making everybody “The Hero”...
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