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    Marks of Honor Question

    I've been farming marks of honor in comp stomp for about a year and a half for the pvp mounts and old pvp ensembles and some weapon transmogs

    i got the mounts and some ensembles for my warriors.

    but last night the leader of my horde guild said something about a reset of marks of honor in shadowlands.

    has there been any talk of that from blizzard? or was i just misunderstanding what she was saying?

    i know from filling the conquest bars that you get pvp tokens you can turn into npcs at the pvp location in zul'dazar and boralus but those are season based and i never accumulated enough to turn in using comp stomp. so its possible the guildmaster was talking about those. i just want to make sure before i wind up having to go shopping on class trial characters to grab up the sets i want before pre patch

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    Marks of Honor will always be used for legacy gear as far as I know.

    There's a new system where you are able buy pvp gear for Honor Points and I doubt all the Honor Points you have already accumulated over past expansions will carry over. So that might be what he was reffering to?

    I don't have beta access so I can't confirm this.

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