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    Cool Returning Raider LF Heroic/Mythic Guild

    Hello Everyone,

    Returning raider looking for a team to kill stuff! I have played every expansion in WoW and used to be in hardcore 5 day guilds. Now, I am older, married and looking for something that is stable, not SUPER hardcore but still competitive - if that makes sense.

    Who am I and what I offer:
    - 29 y/o married professional
    - Easy going, but not willing to carry family members or friends (respect those type of guilds, but not for me)
    - prepared for raids, and know boss fights (can give assignments if needed, have raid lead and been healing officer in competitive guilds)
    - I will min max my character (even if guild does not require it)
    - I am not super huge on doing things outside of raid/dungeons, unless its needed for optimal raid performance. So things like transmorg runs or whatever is not something I'd participate in (but don't let that stop you from making the coolest character you possibly can!)

    What I'd like:

    - 2 day raiding guild. Pref something evening EST
    - All competitive players that actually look at logs to make improvement in performance
    - Friendly people. You can be competitive without being jerks. Constructive criticism is the way to go

    Playing a hunter
    If this sounds like something you can use, BattleNet @ Darkenrahl#11709
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    Still looking! I prefer a guild that will go through normals --> heroic --> mythic.
    Not looking to jump straight into heroic/mythic (unless normals is on farm)

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