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    Quote Originally Posted by dextersmith View Post
    I liked monopoly.
    Two player Monopoly, played in blitz fashion.

    Games now have evolved into charades style party games, Pictionary, Articulate and the like. I will participate but I'm not a fan of the modern style games at all. Give me Cluedo, Totopoly any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egomaniac View Post
    Yeah, I think there are plenty of local variants with somewhat different rules...but the general concept is usually a bunch of kids ganging up against one kid who, through whatever process the exact variant uses, is "it". Apparently the actual name of the game is "Muckle"...though I never heard it called that on the playgrounds I frequented as a child. Heard it called plenty of other names though... all using the same combination of slur and a word that rhymes with said slur ("smear the XXXXX", "tag the XXX", "slay the XXX"). I must have been living in a more progressive community when I first played the game though... we just called it "Reverse Tag".

    Sometimes it is an object on the your can...and the process of deciding who is "it" is a test of bravery. Sometimes it's something that is thrown into the air and whoever the object lands closest to is declared to be "it". Sometimes the previous person who is "it" can just pick the next contestant.
    We had "The Gob Pit". Kids would throw coins into the pit at the bottom of the steps leading into the bike sheds. Anyone who went to fetch the coins would be gobbed on from the overhanging balcony. Usually what eventually happened was that the school tough kid would go fetch them and nobody dared stop him.

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    i didnt particulary enjoy this kind of games - maybe monopoly .

    for me childhood was all about playing LEGO im gratefull to my parents for buys so many sets still keep all of them in basement for my kids :P

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    Project IGI and Prince of Persia Warrior Within

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    Hmmm, probably Risk. Outside of risk, one of several card games (choosing one would be hard) Cribbage, Hearts, Spades, Gin-rummy: many long winter days, snowed in, holed up in the house playing one or more of those card games.

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    Magic: the Gathering.

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