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    Quote Originally Posted by Omedon View Post
    As I've stated in other threads, and have had recently had confirmed by the devs, it's clear that they are building shadowlands assuming everyone has a concept to their character, a sense of "who they are" meant to inform a choice like covenants, which are meant to be a conceptual choice. I can't help but wonder how much of a correct or incorrect assumption that is among the extreme minority that populate forums like this.

    I'm not asking "do you RP," because that's a loaded, misunderstood question that I don't really wanna get deeply into the connotations of in this thread. One does not need to outwardly RP to see their character as "someone" named anything from Omedon to Bob as opposed to "something" named Lovestopwn. You don't need to speak in thees and thous in /say to sit at your desk and say "nah, Bob wouldn't do that, Bob would do this!"

    For me, yes, my characters have a concept, and I knew their covenants long before I knew the powers. Heck I'm actually not spoiling most of the powers, so I don't know them, and I will discover them as I choose for my "4 mains" at launch. But of course not everyone thinks like that, thus the thread.

    So how about you? Are your characters actual characters, or are they more "gaming avatars" without a defining persona that guides what they do or how they dress or whatever?

    Note: I Intentionally left out a 3rd briefly considered option of "yes I have a concept but not enough to inform a covenant choice over power" because, respectfully... that character doesn't have a concept strong enough to matter (and that's not Blizzard's problem in designing covenants or other choices, to be honest). Indeed, a good concept can at least narrow yourself down in the choices, giving you preferences from which you can choose for power, but if your character's actual character doesn't even come into play... yeah, that doesn't count.
    Every single one of my characters has an established concept going in, and it is developed and progressed over time. As for Shadowlands itself, I have no real idea of how that'll be shaped and changed as I'm not even sure I like the material Blizzard is introducing for Shadowlands in the first place. A lot of brand new or seemingly retconned stuff. (Emerald Dream/Ardenweald, Dreadlords, Frostmourne origins, no mention of the "Light" afterlife that some npcs have ascended to, whether Shadowlands is still Azeroth-specific as it states in Chronicle, etc.)

    Have no interest and never had in inserting myself into a game world, whenever games try to do that it's jarring and unwelcome. Not sure how asking if people RP is a loaded question, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Those were the original Death Knights, the first generation ones. The player Death Knights are the second (and third now thanks to the addition of allied race and pandaren death knights). Huge difference between those.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Unlikely, because those few death knights who followed Ner'zhul into the Twisting Nether were turned into liches. And aside from Teron Gorefiend no known "original" death knights are known to have survived or remain.
    People could write whatever lore for their own characters that they like, in the end. It wouldn't be common for an original Horde DK to survive, I agree, but it wouldn't be impossible if someone wanted that to be their character's unique lore.

    Besides, we're not talking about open RP or anything here, just the stories we have for our own characters in our own minds. It's perfectly valid, and doesn't affect anyone else.
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    0 RP for me.

    They are just a tool, means to play the game.

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    My warrior is a warrior - She uses her weapons to hit things until their hp reaches zero. Her name is Bruce.

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    only aesthetically. and by that I mean color-coordinated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neversage View Post
    Definitely. My character likes to read the runes, so to speak. Like to figure out what it coming and see the bigger picture, but avoid deception. So that informs every choice that is relevant. Rejected the gift of N'Zoth, sided with Sylvanas, etc.
    "sees the bigger picture but avoids deception" yet at the same time "sided with sylvanas"
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    My character defiantly does.

    Upon going to the Shadowlands and seeing where De Other Side is located (Ardenweald) she decides to help out the Night Fae. Also, she wants to try and earn the Winter Queen's trust, since she dosen't trust her father, and maybe change her outlook on the Loa. Oh, and taking care of Vol'jin's seed so he can be reborn as a Loa without any trouble
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    Somewhat. I kinda made up this idea about my troll warlock, thinking that all the demons he summons are just minor loas. Needless to say, he was very confused in Legion.

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    quite a controversial question... On one hand, yes, each of characters had back story, in fact, they were created each with own concept (except, perhaps, first one, but one way or another it was thought out to him later when need arose). On the other hand, question has second part "that inform things like covenant choice", which I don't accept either within framework of game system or within framework of lore (it doesn't working that way, too frank careless gag). Therefore, answer is "no".

    With what to figuratively compare this situation, oh I know, here you go:
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    Hell yeah. I only have 1 character (my Druid) that I re-made in WoW Classic (same hairstyle and everything).

    He is a Moonglade-bred Night-elf, which means he grew up with Taurens and Night-elves alike. This is the reason why he never fights other Taurens, even when he's on a PVP server. Because of this, he couldn't give a rat's ass about Horde-Alliance conflict, politics or other mortal bullshit. That stuff's beneath him. He's saved Azeroth countless times over the course of his 16 years of existence, whether it was Ragnaros in OG vanilla, Nefarian and his sister, C'thun, Illidan, Kil'Jaeden in SWP, Arthas, Yogg-saron in Ulduar, Deathwing, Malygos...the list is endless.

    As such, as an Azerothian Night Elf Druid, he's obviously going Night Fae, cause no other Covenant fits him. Kyrians don't represent the cycle of life and death, they go above it. Maldraxxus is where the Necrolords are, and where Death magic started, so that's an abomination of nature, Maldraxxus can go fuck itself. That leaves Venthyr...the vampires. Yeah, no. Night Fae is the only covenant that realistically fits a Druid that has fought and defeated Old Gods, Aspects, the Lich King and San-Layn such as Blood Queen Lan'Athel and the 3-Prince-Council in ICC. Anything else just wouldn't make sense.

    Think of it as an Ancient Spartan who is given the choice to side with Athens, Corinth, Sparta or Thebes. The Covenant choice is THAT much of a no-brainer for Azerothian Night Elf Druids that are worth their claws and fangs.

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    Nop. My Char (Druid ) is the same since vanilla but he does not have any character for me. Just a pixel and gameplay mechanic. The story of wow is for me what the other NPCs do. My char is never really part of it, in my headcanon. Otherwise why the f do i not rule the world?
    But wow never managed to give me immersion in regards to my character. Not even in vanilla.

    If i want a character with a concept i play real RPGs. Singleplay preferably as i can influence the story an my character reflects my choices. (PF:KM, Elder Scrolls, Pilalrs of Eternity, Baldurs Gate, Dragon Age etc)

    Wow will never have that. Can't. MMO part is directly opposing that.

    That is also why i don't feel like we need more "RPG" in the game. Just doesn't really work with the highly linear progression of MMOs.
    Swotor is better in that regard, but the MMO part was dialed back extremly. You can essentially play the whole game without talking to anyone ever.

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    Yes.. my main does absolutely have a concept - and that concept fits right into Kyrian.

    My alts I'm having more trouble with - a mage venthyr mechagnome with 9 mirrors sounds like a bit of fun though - but no concept.

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    WoW doesn't offer enough RPG elements for my characters to have a concept. Regarding covenants, I will pick the one with the most flexible or pvp-oriented abilities.

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    Nope. Character for me is just gameplay and art. In bigger rpg games I tend to do one sided characters. All evil. All good. All X you name it. I don't care much for doing backstories and what not.

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    While not creative at all
    Kul'tiran druid sticks to mostly transmogs with sticks and bones.
    Tauren paladin rocks less traditional paladin gear (tauren hertige armor and zandalari questing greens) and a flaming sword for sunwalker theme.
    Mag'har orc shadow priest uses re-color warlock "sha-skin" set and glph of the sha, for a siege of orgimmar "sha-do" priest vibe.
    Highmountain tauren monk, has a couple different mogs that focuses on his tattoos or has runes in the armor/weapon for runemaster.

    Still trying to find one that fits the theme and size of kul'tirian shaman.
    Most of the in game ones use the stormwind human model and give off a "water mage" vibe w/ cloth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omedon View Post
    Overall, yeah, my characters have concept. But I'm not sure, if covenant can be part of this concept. For me covenant is more like race, than class. Just one of them is my favorite. So, if I would have just one main character, I would pick this one. But I have several alts. And I think, that I would rather pick different covenants on different characters just for diverse purposes.

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    Concept vague, my "main" is whatever character im most interested at the time. My transmog changes on a daily basis, and I change hairstyles every other week.

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    For me I loved the mages from Warcraft 2. So I wanted my own character to be like them. Unfortunately WoW hasn't managed the concept of long beard for humans
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    I like to think of my paladin as a type of fanatic viewing euphoria in all forms as the one true light. Which would explain why he's always smiling whilst smashing peoples faces in, a true euphoric sadist.

    Ironically my druid is the stereotypical treehugger though so ardenweld RP here i come.

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    My paladin does, I always level it first, don't always main it all the way through an expansion though. Always a healer, I am there to get up close and personal and keep people alive. I have rolled another paladin to try tanking and ret, but this one for me can only be a healer.
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