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    [help] modifying action bar addon

    Hey guys I need some help adding some lua code to an addon I use that auto shows/hides the right action bar on mouseover.
    The addon itself works perfectly except when I click on mage teleport or Portal and mouse off the action bar to click on a city - the action bar disappears (as intended).

    Is it possible to add SpellFlyout buttons 1-13 to the following code?

    MultiBarRight:SetScript("OnEnter", function(self) self:SetAlpha(1) end)
    MultiBarRight:SetScript("OnLeave", function(self) self:SetAlpha(0) end)
    local function hidebar2() MultiBarRight:SetAlpha(0) end
    local function showbar2() MultiBarRight:SetAlpha(1) end
    for btn=1,12 do
    - - - Updated - - -

    If that's not possible - how about adding a 5 second timer to the "OnLeave" event?
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    Yes, adding cancellable timer would be the easiest solution.

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    Thanks for the link!

    I must be doing something really wrong as I keep getting errors.
    If anyone knows the proper way to do it I'd really appreciate the help.

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