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    My thoughts and questions

    So, I won a beta key on Narcolies stream the other day, and I absolutelly LOVE tanking in Shadowlands. I currently run the following talents:


    Should I change anything? I will mostly play M+, like 98% of my tanking will be in there.

    What I have experienced tho, is that it's hard to keep aggro compared to BfA. I'm only iLvl 159, can that be it? When pulling 3 mobs or more, I loos aggro on atleast 1.

    My rotation on single target is:

    Avenger's Shield -> Consecration -> SotR -> Judgement -> HotR

    and rotation on AoE is:

    Avenger's Shield -> Consecration -> HotR x 2 -> SotR

    Should I do any changes here to keep aggro better?

    Current legendary is the helm, "Holy Avenger's Engraved Sigil" with 50% chance to have Avenger's Shields CD to reset. Correct choice?

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    Say it isn't so... Tanks will have to pay attention in SLs? Dam. <Tab> target, taunt here we go again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yonaz View Post
    Not sure what you wanted to mediate with that reply, but I feel I loose aggro more in SL then in BfA. So, if my talents and/or rotation is wrong, please guide me instead of writing useless comments!
    I was going to guide you but after writing my message there was a useless comment in it, so i deleted it. Good day.

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