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    Spam Duty

    I’ve seen a post recently about a mod talking about not having enough help..

    And then says that all the mods are volunteers.

    Fire All your Mods, they are garbage anyways


    Why not not invest in your forums?

    Why has this forum been sold off a few times already?

    Stop making volunteer as an excuse, start reinvesting.

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    The last thing this website needs is even more moderation.
    Already political activist mods ban people left and right for offending their feelings with their "wrong" opinions. Feels like Reddit over here.

    This isn't a question of numbers, this is about efficiency. This website has too many mods and they are focusing on other things rather than stuff that actually REQUIRES moderation.

    Personally I can understand why BLM does what it does if MMO-C can be a tiny example of real life police authority.

    On this website unless you're some milquetoast blank robot with no personality and no opinions, you WILL be raking up infractions.

    Now see as the GESTAPO bans me again for the sin of discussing moderation, but that's okay, I don't give a shit, I will never bend the knee rather than speak out.
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    I agree it’s the worst here

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    inb4 ban for implying MMO-C mods aren't perfect beings

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    Spam happens in the time when US mods are going to sleep and EU mods are still asleep, as it is still morning. We get to it as soon as we can.

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