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    That particular element doesn't bother me, as I just consider other players random adventurers, leaving the character I'm playing as the champion of everything. Too bad he's not champion enough to actually have any footing in the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post

    And a MMORPG is more than just its story. Also people always WANT to become stronger. Every squish people whine that they feel weaker.
    I think this is true at the core, even when people here pretend they don't like it

    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post

    But you can just go so far with before people get bored with killing bandits and low level peons.
    ...and this is pretty much the alternative and would be a huge fail. can do it in the initial game, during levelling and maybe 5 mans. Once you add gets progressively harder to stay a nobody.

    I was gonna say it probably would have worked until Arthas, but on the way there we already battled Titan Keepers (a particular strong one - Loken - even in a 5 man as far as people tell me) and an old god.

    No idea why people cannot immerse themselves in this. I mean...if this sucks for them how bad must be the feeling to be able to now solo old gods and the biggest lore figures on mythic for a cosmetic drop or mount - what once was a tough group effort
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    the thing is you are mixing lore with gameplay, in lore you are the champion but gameplay wise you need multiple ppl to play the game since this is a mmorpg....

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    but on the way there we already battled Titan Keepers (a particular strong one - Loken - even in a 5 man as far as people tell me) and an old god
    Even as far back as Vanilla WoW we killed a Titan Keeper, Archaedas. We were never nobies TBH.
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    They could do both but right now their main selling point is that you get to fight super duper bigger badder bad guys every expansion.
    And of course to do that you need new super duper progression systems to give you the HP to take that bigger badder evil every time.
    Now that this has become expected from Blizzard they can't go back without getting complaints.

    An alternate approach would be player heroes fighting smaller lieutenants and captains as part of the raids and so forth.
    That would not require the player being god like. The big bad encounter would be just that, an encounter, but not a guaranteed win.
    And of course, would require assistance from major NPCs, either legacy or new one and lore wise, it is the NPCs who get the glory, not us.
    Out in open world, there would be conflicts and issues to be addressed related to the big evil that only players could address.
    But that would be more spontaneous and have more variety than simple world quests, such as more "racial" based story lines, more class based story lines and so forth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athredas View Post
    Funny how people forgot that everyone was crying and moaning over Thrall taking the spotlight from player characters during Cataclysm. You can probably still find archived threads where people cried over him shooting down Deathwing. Ironically the one story where player character always plays the second fiddle is the faction war, but we all know how those stories always play out.
    isn't it funny? "even as times change, so too do they stay the same." we can't have it both ways, and honestly at this point in the wow plotline, it's fine for the player character to be crazy powerful. this is the person that has taken items+power from ragnaros, nefarian, c'thun, illidan, kael'thas, kil'jaeden (twice), arthas, deathwing, etc. of COURSE they're gonna be super buff. i totally agree that the thing that started in wod of everyone calling me "commander" was super annoying. the legion version worked since i got called archmage (or other class title) which was cool and made sense. "champion" has to stop being said forever. i can't deal anymore. maw-walker will be a nice change of pace. anyways, at this point in the wow timeline, where we reach the plot's inevitable conclusion of cosmic disco war, the player character would be useless fighting some of these forces if they were just an "adventurer." idk.
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    You know what a good thing about WoW is? You can simply IGNORE all things which do not fit your character concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithbane View Post
    good twists or "morally grey"/multiple points of views based stories
    Meh, trying to subvert expectations just to cause shock is lame as hell.

    Warcraft has always been this "Good guys vs Bad guys" thing. It's on the face, obvious, epic and dumb by design.

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    I think a lot of it boils down to the individuals mindset when buying something for entertainment. A lot of what made WoW good was it’s ... wow ... factor. You’d see things and go oh man that’s totally rad!

    Play it long enough and you grow accustomed to seeing these kinds of things, and unless you commit yourself to enjoying it, you’ll look at it and go “eh I’m not interested anymore”.

    I took a few breaks with WoW because I had lost interest because the game wasn’t sucking me in anymore. Now that I’ve stopped subconsciously demanding the game wows me at every turn.. I’ve enjoyed it more than ever.

    5 mans with my friends, raiding with my guild... fuckin around on alts, all jolly good shit to keep me entertained.

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