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    Funny, I distinctly remember watching streams of Method players running dungeons 20 times a day on mains and alts every time a new tier came out. I'm pretty sure they weren't doing that because they were all madly in love with running M+ that much.

    Less gear is going to drop, but you'll be able to better target drops that you want. That's probably much better than getting boots 2 months in a row from the M+ chest. And now, you can get stuff from raiding too! Oh, are we talking about ilevels? Well, M+ has access to everything except the ilevels from the last two bosses on mythic. The fraction of players that do 13 and 14 keys the moment they unlock is pretty small. They don't really have the option of turning down people because they don't have gear from the last two bosses from Mythic Castle Nathria. IO score is going to be the rule of thumb as it has been for a while.

    And the the way the new chest system works, there will be even more reason to farm M+. Let's be honest. Many people just did their level 10 for the weekly chest, then logged off. Now, because more runs at a higher level means more options, players are more likely to want to farm M+ even more. Maybe their BIS trinket comes from one dungeon. Now they have more options of getting it if they do 5 dungeons at the same level instead of just one. Or maybe they have some gaps in their gear, so that would help.

    Now, look at this from a developer standpoint. M+ right now is acting like a much accelerated form of split raids. It's allowing raiders an easy time of leap-frogging over content. If you look at much earlier raids, you needed to complete one tier of content before you could progress in the next. It slowed down raid progression immensely. Raids are extremely important to the game in terms of both content and storytelling. They have always been the centerpiece of end game. They also require large amounts of resources to create. If players consume them too fast, they'll get bored while developers are working on the next patch to replace it.

    TL; DR -- This is still a change to slow down gearing to preserve the rate at which players consume new content. Only stupid idiots are going to require mythic raids for M+ and you wouldn't want to burn your key with them anyways; IO score is more likely to still be king of getting into groups.
    Funny because they spent more time in islands then in M+.... Literally an entire week before the raid release they'd spam islands for AP...Fun game play.

    The mythic raiding players get double the options of the m+ player in that scenario. While also getting additional gear from raiding. All this is doing is creating additional gateways for people who want to exclusively do 5 man content. 5 man content has been pushed forward for two expansions and now they're just taking it away from players.

    Fair about running 10+ m+ each week. But this will become a chore instead of an optional thing to opt into. This is a bad thing for raiders, but it's a good thing for m+ players.

    You're not leap-frogging content and there shouldn't be increased incentives to do split raids, which nerfing m+ gear does create. The option of running heroic splits vs m+ is a health choice when the gear is similar. It's not healthy when heroic splits will be significantly better.

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    Thanks for all of the comments. I think what is missed in a lot of these type of changes - is that there is no real right or wrong. You are entitled to be happy / think the change is right, or not, and I'm entitled to the same. I wasn't looking for comments on my work / play balance, i manage that just fine, which is why I'm sad to see this system change. I won't die from gearing up slower (As someone above put it).

    I think that my real core issue is that raiding seems to be required to push anything over like a 17-18. This change just exacerbates that. I pushed up through all 16/17 this season without raiding (and did it on multiple toons, no real concerted push above that). It also makes gearing up a longer process, unless this new weekly chest is as magical as everyone seems to claim - but running 10 M+14 a week on a single toon is going to be difficult for those without dedicated play times or groups as well, or limited play time.

    Overall I would rate this a negative for people who enjoyed progressively challenging content without a raid schedule. Everyone's experience is different, I guess.

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