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    What are fair DPS numbers on prepatch?

    Tested out the PTR to have a quick look at the changes done to enhancement shamans. My itemlevel on live is 441.

    I do about 1.9k DPS on the PTR. I am asking to get a grip on if Im doing some thing wrong or not, to get a grip of the redesign.

    Tried asking in General but answers are mainly goofy. Maybe its a goofy questions, I dont know but figured I'll give it a shot asking.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Silly question cause its too early, no one cares about this type of numbers cause it will be 100% an unbalaned stupid mess, just wait and compare yourself to the logs of the first week.

    Especially since they are delaying some changes with 9.0.2 as they posted themselves for the SL release rather than the pre-patch.

    If you are that worried, invite random players around you at the dummy and compare numbers/targets etc.

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