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    classic addons source

    i just resubbed and heard that twitch no longer has wow addons. where to get them for classic now??

    while at it, i need addons for enh shaman:
    -totem duration
    -weapon enhancement duration
    -lightning shield active
    i5-6600 3.3GHz|16 GB RAM|GeForce GTX 1070
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    I just get ElVui for Classic and download Details from Twitch they have addons for wow on it still unless that has changed since 3 days ago. There is a Retail and Classic option, but they seem to carry over from one version to the other.

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    addons are still on twitch but for most timers and stuff like that you can just get weakauras and create or import a weakaura from https://wago.io/classic-weakauras you can do nearly any sort of timer/tracker with weakauras and enough have been created to find one you like but also the import function makes it easy to copy one into the game without needing to download anything else or spend time manually setting one up yourself.
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