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    They don't need to, and shouldn't, follow the games because, well, they've been retconned a lot by now. What they DO need to do is follow the established current lore for what happened during those times.

    They absolutely did not do that with the first movie, they butchered the lore... Hard.

    Also they could easily skip all of the events of the First War and just exposition it at the beginning, like Fellowship of the Ring did... Because honestly the events of the First War are utterly skippable, Stormwind got steamrolled and the only really noteworthy thing that happened was Garona murdering the King.

    I think starting with Illidan is a bad idea, none of the information that would be presented in that story is terribly relevant to the average viewer.

    I don't think the first movie had too many characters, they just had too many important characters... The only "important" character, really, should have been Anduin Lothar (with a different actor, please, or better writing, I honestly couldn't tell if it was him or the lines, or how they told him to deliver them), with everyone else in a supporting role - instead they made it out like they had 4 "main characters" and it was just really akward...

    If they had just followed the story and told it from one perspective, it would have been fine.

    I agree with the last bit of the article you linked... It should be animated, they should just animate the damn thing, and then they could use established voiceactors if they set it in a time period where characters that have been voiced in the game are present... Uther with any voice but Michael McConnohie's just wouldn't be right, Thrall or Varian without Metzen just wouldn't be right, any voice but Laura's for Jaina just wouldn't feel right, I could go on and on with this...
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    The movie came out not so long ago and you're already thinking of a reboot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dextersmith View Post
    The movie came out not so long ago and you're already thinking of a reboot?
    The movie came out 4 years ago and was total flop.

    That's enough time to put out two desperate reboots if they still wanted to pursuit the IP. They don't.

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    Not sure why they are over thinking this. Stick with the cinematic CG style, use the same voice actors (maybe grab a "big name" for reasons), and start with the warcraft 3 Arthas story.

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    Since when do flops stop producers from churning out more sequels to flops? Suicide Squad got a sequel, didn't it? Justice League?? Fantastic Four? The Bourne Dumper Fire Identities no one cared about? Oceans 21? Am I ringing any bells here?????

    Come on people, you act like Warcraft doesn't deserve movies and shows made about it. Sheesh, lighten the heck up for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    “Disappointment”? You mean you were surprised a movie based on a video game sucked?
    Nope, I wasn't disappointed that it sucked, I was disappointed about WHY it sucked. They changed the story so much, It basically wasn't even Warcraft. Unless you just consider it another Alternate timeline, WOD style. But that isn't what I paid money to see. I guess I learned my lesson.

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    What's very conflicting is the reports of both reboot and sequel, and it's hard to figure out which one is the legitimate rumor and which one was twisted in this game of telephone.

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