About Us
A relaxed atmosphere guild, that is always trying to optimise without going too far down the min-max rabbit hole. From the start of vanilla we have strived to create a space where people with limited hours in the day can still be given the opportunity to have fast, consistent clears.

We have been split-raiding prevoius tier, but have now get back to one single clear of all the content within our 2 raid days with alt Raids organised on off days.

What you get
- With the exception of a few encounters and occasion runs(DMF) we are really flexible with what consumables/buffs you bring to the raid.
- Clear and transparent loot council.
- An approachable officer core, that is always open for suggestions and improvements.
- A strong World Boss coalition.
- Understanding that life is busy and it might get in the way sometimes.
- Fast, stable clears.

DPS Warriors

To apply message Megaleen#1214 or - players with all experience welcome to apply.