Raid Times
We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:00 PM (Pacific/Standard) to 9:00 PM (Pacific/Standard). The remaining days can be used for optional alt raids and endless amounts of Torghast/Mythic Plus.

We are highly unlikely to deviate from this schedule.

How to Apply
Contact Munsy#11430 on for inquiries.

About Us
<The Nomads> has been a guild since the final tier of Legion. Many of us have been friends with one another for longer than that. The founding members started as Alliance on the Earthen Ring server. Over time, we found the atmosphere of the server to be unsatisfactory, and the raiding scene to be nonexistent. Eventually, enough of us became disgruntled enough to be willing to leave the server in search of greener pastures. We eventually settled on Thrall, and at the end of Antorus, we made the switch.

Most of us completely re-rolled characters when we formed on Thrall. Despite this, and without any outside assistance, we managed to re-clear and attain AOTC in Antorus before 8.0. While we had ambitions for Battle for Azeroth, it quickly became evident that our goals weren't going to be attained this expansion. As a result, the majority of our base quit the game. It just wasn't fun to them anymore.

Now, we're reforming for Shadowlands. While the beta hasn't delivered on everything we wanted, we feel that it will be at least sufficient enough to warrant forming a raiding guild again.