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    In which expansion was Subtlety Rogue OP? In which content (arena, raid, etc)?

    Do you have ladder or parse data to back up your claim or are you simply bullshitting? Show me the data.
    well i fondly remember dragon soul subtlety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyrican View Post
    well i fondly remember dragon soul subtlety.
    Indeed Dragon Soul Subtlety was tremendously fun. (The Legendary Daggers and Heroic Vial were of course OP in PvP... PvP should not have that powerful PvE gear wrecking balance)

    I'm very fond of HFC Subtlety as well.

    Subtlety today doesn't compare to how awesome those specs were. It's sad how far it has fallen from the masterpiece it used to be. I absolutely despise what they did to it.
    Subtlety Rogue was an amazing, incredible, unique, and fun spec prior to Legion and BfA

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    Literally no specs in WoW have been complex since at least MoP - it's just some are more clunky and less streamlined than others

    Even if you're an average players or lower, every spec is easily learnable to at least 75%, if not higher, of it's potential within a few hours
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    "Help Me Choose" type threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Please check online resources and/or the class-specific subforums if you have further questions. Closing this.
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