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    Warlocks are Geomancer-Necromancer-Mage-Shaman?

    I have a belief that, as long as freedom exists, we can believe whatever we want to believe or that ghosts can be chaotic/demonic fel-green. I certainly, for one, believe the undead to be chaotic fel green by nature because the WoW universe is chaotic, but you know, ...

    Anyways, I also have this theory that Argus the Unmaker + Sargeras the True Unmaker are fel death titans who use scythes (e.g. Ulthalesh) and that warlocks are world-inhabiting channelers who channel their forbidden powers, divine secrets from those world-souls, eat souls to gain power, and use scythes on their behalf (a.k.a. geomancer-necromancer-shaman). I also have this theory that the Azeroth-inhabiting avatar of Azer...Sargeras (Medivh?) is the first (destruction) warlock to wield the Scepter of Sargeras. Thoughts?
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    You can believe whatever you want but lorewise Fel and Necromancy are two separate Cosmic powers. Undead isn't Fel by nature but they can certainly mix like any other power.
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    Because we live in a place of freedom of speech
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    Stop talking.

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