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    ?? I'm sure there is more, this is just on the top of my head
    Which supposed pvp mounts the only pvp mounts that have been removed are the gladiator mounts.

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    It's possible, yes. Unlikely, though? Also yes. The shortest warning we had was the WoD (maybe MoP, don't remember which of the 2) Pre-patch had the release date announced 5 days before it came out. They could announce the pre-patch today and launch Tuesday to meet the same as that pre-patch was. We've only had 1 pre-patch that was actually 2 weeks ahead for warning though, so all the "2 weeks warning RAWR!" crap is nonsense. This is an expansion patch, not a content patch. Blizzard also doesn't NEED to follow past trends by any means. The average seems to be 10-12 days, not 14. If they followed recent suit, they'd announce the pre-patch today for the 29th. They could break trend and literally say nothing and just bomb-drop the patch on the 22nd. People would only be mad for like 45 seconds. Maybe a hundred total subscribers are overly butthurt and quit playing the game because of it. Bomb-dropping the patch definitely wouldn't noticeably impact them at all, but I don't think they'd do that.

    If the pre-patch is past the 29th, they'll have to rush the event steps faster than they have clearly been planning or push the expansion launch date back a week. Either that or we could see one of the worst expansion launches in a really long time (if not ever) due to massive unbalancing with no time for mass testing and fixing. I would really hope the pre-patch isn't past the 29th. If it is, I would really hope they push back the expansion launch date with it.

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    I mean they still have one for the Maw I am guessing too with Zovaal and or Sylvanas.

    29th seems more realistic, I really think Blizzard should stop pushing WoW to be an esport unless they break apart the PvP from the PvE portion of the game by making abilities separate in each mode so they can stop cross balancing like fools.
    But that would require having a team that balances PVP. PVP team and class balance team probably got cut after ACTVI's best performing year they ever had till that point.

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