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    Being denied things, because ones own behavior has disallowed for them to participate in activity they enjoy, because they have some how engaged in behavior that others do not is a logical and reasonable punishment.

    However I think punishments have to be relatable, and I think it does take time for some lessons to be learned the same way as they might with others who learn different.
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    op do us all a favor and never have children discipline is needed in the development of a child as long as it doesnt cross the line into abuse. taking away toys allowances and things of that nature are no where near abuse
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    Spoiling your kid(s) with whatever they want is abusive IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katchii View Post
    You sound like a petulant child complaining that your phone got taken away because you did something stupid because you were told you did something wrong, and somehow because you disagree with it being "wrong" you consider all of this "abuse."

    All of which is the hallmark of an entitled child...acting like an entitled child, which is deserving of this kind of discipline. Fuck you Karen.
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    Nah fuck that. If you're going to act like a little shit I'm going to punish you like a little shit. You love to text and use social media on your phone? You love to play your video games? Well don't like act an entitled little shit or else I'm going to take away all those things and who knows you may never get it back especially if I payed for it. If you really piss me off prepare to have a red ass.

    Kids these days need to learn about respect and consideration from an early age. If I were a parent I wouldn't put up with the bratty bullshit. I'm the Alpha in the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhrizzle View Post
    Or even worse, the sort of person who uses "soy boy" unironically.

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    My kid is only a bit over 1 and all we do is raise the voice a tiny bit and do a "nono" finger, if she keep doing it we carry her and listen to music.

    Not sure how we will handle tings in the future, I grow up in Sweden so for me hitting is out of the question (apart from tiny that dont actually hurt at all), but my fiance is filipina and she grew up with physical punishment. If Im in change I will mainly remove toys or simular, if she break something simply not buy her things for awhile so that she becomes more careful and learn that things cost money.

    (One story I heared really stays in my mind, dont know if its true or not. A boy got angry playing computer games and broke his screen. As punishment he had to work around the house and at relatives to buy a new one. Sometime after that he was found dead in his room, he had broken the screen again). So I will have that in mind trying to raise he so she always feel safe to come and tell me anything, whatever she done or someone done to her.

    But to be honest i am more worried about how she will be treated and what she will be forced to learn in school. In Sweden homeschooling is not allowed, ever and the kids are forced to attend school no matter what. The Swedish school have gone downhill and we have alot of bullying and rape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post

    Being denied toys, money, games... sometimes being verbally and even physically abused... it’s no wonder most depressives’ source is bad parenting.
    Being denied things is a key element in learning concepts of delayed gratification, which is key for being a functional human.

    Verbal and physical a problem, but I'd like for you to first define what verbal and physical abuse mean for you.
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