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    Exciting Talent choices (ideas for the future of Elemental Shamans)


    Coming into Shadowlands I am very excited with Elemental Shamans overall. Some nice tweaks were done to its core, great legendaries and interesting covenants. The only thing I find underwhelming is the talent tree. Although I think it's an improve from the last 2 expansions (mainly because of Echoing Shock), I still find it very dull to look at.

    So I came up with a hypothetical talent tree. I don't expect any of it to be a suggestion for Shadowlands in particular (as it is just around the corner) but as suggestions for a potential future for Elemental Shamans with exciting new abilities while trying to make use of old classics. Some of the talents are similar to current ones but with some changes (*) to make them more interesting.

    Some abilities would be made baseline: Echo of the Elements, Stormkeeper and Ascendance (without the increased damage on Lava Burst, as to not be OP)

    Here it is:

    Tier 1
    As it is.
    Searing Totem*
    Summons a Searing Totem near the Shaman. The totem will cast a searing bolt at a random target affected by your Flame Shock every 2 seconds, increasing its duration by 1 second.
    Static Discharged*
    Instant. 30s CD.
    Discharge excess energy from your Lightning Shield, dealing (DECENT% of Spell power) Nature damage to an enemy within 10 yd every 0.5 sec for 5 sec.
    Targets affected have a high chance of being briefly stunned and grant the Shaman 10 Maelstorm.

    Tier 2
    As it is.
    Echoing Shock
    As it is.
    Elemental Blast
    As it is.

    Tier 3
    Spirit wolf*
    Passive ability.
    If you remain in your Ghost wolf form for 2 seconds, your move speed increase will persist for 4 seconds after you leave it.
    Leaping Wolf
    Passive ability.
    When spirit wolf is cast the shaman leaps forward 10 yds. Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.
    Ghostly wolf
    Passive ability.
    Your Ghost wolf now increases your movement by an additional 15%.

    Tier 4
    Magma Elemental
    Passive ability.
    Your fire elemental summon is targetable and your elemental is controllable. When the shaman casts Lava Burst, the elemental will unleash a flame wave that damages all nearby targets. Fire Elemental now slashes enemies with burning claws at melee range.
    Storm Elemental*
    Passive ability.
    As it is.
    + Your Storm Elemental is controllable. While Storm Elemental is active, Thunderstorm's CD is reduced by 30 seconds, is targetable, off GCD, no longer knockbacks enemies and deals 300% increased damage.
    Rock Elemental
    Passive ability.
    Reduce the CD of your Earth Elemental by 2.5 mins. It now lasts 30s and is controllable by the Shaman. Whenever the shaman casts Earth Shock or Earthquake, the elemental will harness the earth around it and cast a shockwave towards the shaman's target or target area, dealing (medium) damage and stunning targets directly in front of it by 1.5 seconds, in a small radius.

    Tier 5
    As it is.

    Tier 6
    Flametongue weapon
    Imbue your weapon with the element of fire for 1hr. Your offensive spells have a chance to refresh the duration of Flame Shock on the target. When it happens you gain Lava Surge.
    Stormlash weapon
    Imbue your weapon with lightning for 1hr. Lightning bolt and chain lightning have a chance to overcharge the target for 10 seconds. Casting earthshock on an overcharged enemy will call down a thunder damaging it and all nearby overcharged enemies. The same target can't be overcharged more than once every 15 seconds.
    Elemental weapon
    Imbue your weapon with raw elemental power for 1hr. Casting Lava Burst increases the damage of your next Nature, Physical or Frost spell by 20%. (Current Master of the Elements)

    Tier 7
    Surge of Power*
    Improved version.
    Passive ability.
    Casting Lightning Shield also enhances your next spell cast within 15 sec:
    Flame Shock: The next cast also applies Flame Shock to 2 additional targets within 8 yards of the target.
    Lightning Bolt: Your next cast will cause an additional 3 Elemental Overloads.
    Chain Lightning: Your next cast is instant and affects twice as many targets.
    Lava Burst: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire/Magma/Storm Elemental by 10 sec.
    Earth Shock/Earthquake: Reduces the cooldown of your Earth/Rock Elemental by 10 sec.
    Frost Shock: Stuns the target for 2 sec.
    Lightning shield now has a 20 second CD.
    Lightning Rod
    Passive ability
    Your Lightning Shield can now be cast on any target (friend or foe), dealing damage to surrounding enemies. It now has 5 charges (used when an enemy is struck) and its damage and maelstorm generation are increased by 400%. Only one target can be affected by your Lightning Shield at a time.
    Your lightning shield now has a 20 second CD.
    Storm Form
    4sec channel.
    1.5 min CD
    The Shaman enters a Storm Form channeling a thunderstorm above his/her head. While channeling, random chain lightnings will be cast at targets within 20 yards. During this time, if a Lava Surge procs on a target, an instant Lava Burst will be cast at it. The Shaman can move while channeling. If up, your Lightning Shield is consumed, unleashing one extra lightning explosion and giving you 50 maelstorm at the end of the channel.
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