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    Bee mount

    Does the rep bonus event apply to the Bee mount faction?

    I might try and obtain it. How much time should it take for somebody that doesn't have flying unlocked?
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    rep bonus does not apply.
    and without flying it will be a pain if your not in the right area/ fast enough to get to the spots for the kills

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    The rep bonus does not apply. I finished this mount last week. I skipped a lot of the grinding by purchasing the jelly needed to raise affection/faction with the bee. I spent around 30k total.

    Good luck! It's a fun mount to add to the collection. You can sass all the Horde that don't have it

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    Just to be clear (because there's sometimes confusion about it) there's the Honeyback Hive reputation faction and a seperate Bee growth meter. I suspect that the reputation will benefit from the bonus, but you still need to grow the Bee - which needs a total of 2,100 Thin Jellys or it's equivalent in Rich Jellys and Royal Jellys. And that part doesn't benefit from the rep bonus.

    However Honeyback Hive reputation helps you get jellies faster. And better jellies too. Most importantly be sure to get the Beeholder's Goggles at Revered. So you will benefit indirectly from the rep bonus

    But you have to grow the bee completely before you get the mount. You'll hit Exalted far before that.
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    took me about 10-15 hours of grinding.

    Once you hit revered and get the goggles, it barely takes anytime at all as you don't need to "look" for honey, it just shows up on your map (and you realise how many you have been missing)

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    Rep bonuses do count for the hive rep, but getting hive rep quicker doesn't really help you when you still need to get the rep with the bee, which functions on the friend/follower system and does not benefit from any bonuses, just straight honey turn ins. Since you need to finish both, it's probably not worth it to worry about any rep bonuses because you'll naturally hit exalted without them around the same time you finish feeding the bee itself.

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    I was honored and I just now bought over 600 rich jelly's for 42K and it got me well over exalted. Had over 100 left. I got exalted just before the friend rep but it almost evened out.

    Thought 42K was easily worth it.

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    rep bonus does not apply.

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    You can always buy enough for revered and buy the googles. then farm the rest.

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    Never been so deflated as when I hit exalted with the rep, then worked out I'd still need to collect about 1300 more of the bloody jellies. Wasn't ever grinding it, just if I was in Stormsong, I'd fly around for a whole in between WQs and collect stuff, kill the big fella on the beach, or do the harvester. Totally a job for downtime next expac
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