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    Thanos did nothing wrong.

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

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    The Shadowlands is where all mortal souls end up when they die from all universes and such, if ive understood that right? Well imagine being someone from a far distant universe who has just died, ends up in the Shadowlands, and you find it all fudged up because some weird dead/undead woman had beef with everyone else on this other planet and now she has screwed up the afterlife for everyone else everywhere, makes us lot on Azeroth look a bunch of a**holes ruining the afterlife for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampire Communism View Post
    That's why I started with I hate her. And I hate that she might be right. Cause she's a maniac.

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    But even if they're in balance, that just means they can use our souls more efficiently. Does being out of balance make the Kyrian more creepy? No they are always like that. It's in their nature. Same for the sadist Venthyr.
    I think you forgott that anima aren't souls. Our souls COME with Anima, which is used to nurture the expensive SL system. Our Souls are denizens of the realm where our souls go to.
    And don't forget, there are more than just 4 realms. Those 4 just are the most dominant and have spoiler reasons.

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