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    Night elves are intimately tied to the world trees. It was the source of their immortality. Their essence or part of it stays tied to Azeroth.
    Given the trees are sustained by Azeoth possibly by bleeds from the well of eternity or the maelstrom it makes sense their wisps are held on the plane of azeroth.

    Another possibility is their souls get shredded and the wisp part stays behind.

    Look at Uther. Part of him is in WPL, another in the shadowlands.

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    In the Chronicle said that worlds are strong in spirit is different than souls in the shadowlands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramickias View Post
    Wisps were created in ancient times, by powerfull godlike beings, at the same time as the creation of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos happenned.
    They're remnants from a long forgotten time, before there was a Shadowland and therefore don't have to obey the same rules. But worry not my firend, as the Great Retcon will come for them at some point, as it does for every piece of lore.
    Godlike powers, and yet they still only harvest 5 wood every 5 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KainneAbsolute View Post
    In the Chronicle said that worlds are strong in spirit is different than souls in the shadowlands?
    In this context Spirit is Life magic, Nature energy.
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    Any story that goes on for 20 years and gets regular continuity updates will have incosistencies and retcons. Especially in a creation in which the story is clearly secondary or even tertiary to the experience. To expect Blizzard NOT to create a piece of content because it disagrees with some lore factoid established in 1998 is pretty crazy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ringthane View Post
    Honestly, I think this expansions is just going to be another WoD. Like how they said that a time travel expansion, and then it wasn't, or maybe the other way around, and first we were going to be stuck there with no way to get back until we solved everything, and then it was "Here's a portal every ten feet to take you back to Azeroth", and nobody really ever figured out exactly what was going on. Same thing here - we'll probably be told fifteen different things about what's happening here before this thing is done.
    It's a MMORPG game, you can't expect to be trapped in a chunk of new content and not be able to go back to any of the old content for the upcoming 2 years. Even if you're someone who would be okay with that, like 90% of the players wouldn't. It's the same argument as with "Realism" in games. Sometimes things being too realistic just hurts the gameplay experience.

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    Some people believe your soul is taken to the after life by a reaper of souls. And some people believe a persons spirit can haunt people or places. Neither of which we know for certain to be true.

    The difference with WoW is we know there's an after life where your soul goes after you die. We just don't know all the how's regarding circumventing the process or avoiding it.

    I think you're just trying to stir the poopot.

    We play a game with cow people, things are bound to get weird.
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