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    "The barrel of apples has a new model."

    Finally, just resubbed because of this!

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    nothing new this year, but fuck it. I love Brewfest so I am just gonna hang out and listen to the music, its so nostalgic.

    My favourite WoW holiday

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    I wonder if I will get the bloody Kodo this year.. I got the ram twice last year.

    I also got the pink love rocket back in 2011.. Which just make it so much worse that I don't have the kodo yet given its significantly higher drop rate.

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    The Brewfest Chowdown is supposed to be seen as a rigged game. A random seat will start with one plate already finished at the start of the contest. This gives the player in that seat an advantage... if they're good at the game.

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    The barrel of apples has a new model.

    I need to hide my excitement

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    Man and they still haven't fixed the keg delivery quest.. had it bug out on me 3 times now, preventing the useless pandaren slob from throwing a keg at me.
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    I love that event but still this year I missed the toy from Brewfest Chowdown!

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