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    Is Bwonsamdi ok though?
    Hahaha He's okay. I admire how much you love him. You have my respect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamevizier View Post
    kinda weird cuz I was also expecting at leasst one realm like the christian's depiction of what hell is gonna be: a fiery, hellish landscape full of demons and humans getting tortured, eaten, burnt and melted in pots.

    Neither Maldraxus nor Ravendreth have these themes though. :3

    We need a diablo-like hellish landscape in this expansion, maybe as a patch? :3
    I think the Maw was supposed to be that place but currently it is the extremely toned down kindergarten version of that.

    About the infinite realms:
    It would have been fun if the Shadowlands map was as big as Azeroth BUT everything outside of the 4 covenant's territory would be a shadowy hellscape crawling with raid boss level monsters. You can go if you wish.. just do not expect to survive.

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    Well since they cant really pull off the "telling" stuff, the writers should not even bother with something this complex. Or even better, since they cant even basics right, they should dump writing alltogether and find an actual productive job. Like working in a tollbooth.
    "Everything sucks, therefore you shouldn't even try". Good advice for an unproductive life.

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    Durotan seems to having a great afterlife in an endless hunting ground with his wolves. People need to stop thinking the 4 main realms represent the Shadowlands and realize they are the equivalent to the workforce.
    Still here and still posting

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    Suppose they wanted to go with the whole Dante's Inferno thing, but with lacks of rings.

    I think the concept is pretty good, also we know there are also more levels too. Plus I have played beta and some of the stories within it are actually really good, you get to see how the cycles work within each covenant too. Blizzard have gone pretty in depth with it. Not saying Blizzard will be consistent with it, because their biggest weakness in my eyes is and always has been their consistency with their own lore. But we'll see.

    From what I've seen its anything but lame though.
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