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    Thumbs up Voter Rights Victory in Nevada

    Many thanks to Democracy Docket and NevDems. Fighting for voter access.

    Judge dismisses Trump campaign challenge to Nevada mail-in voting law.
    CNN — In a significant setback for the Trump campaign in the battleground state of Nevada, a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the campaign over the state's new mail-in voting law.

    Under the recently passed law all active voters receive a mail-in ballot, whether they ask for one or not. The bill, AB-4, was passed in a special session and requires all active voters to receive a mail in ballot during the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Trump campaign has 30 days to appeal. CNN has reached out to the campaigns for comment.

    The Nevada case has been one that the President has closely watched and hoped to win, according to his tweets -- and it's one of the few absentee ballot challenges initiated by the Trump campaign and Republican Party this election.

    Democracy Docket
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    You might be a Republican if the idea of making it safer and easier for registered voters to vote panics/upsets you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaydin View Post
    You might be a Republican if the idea of making it safer and easier for people to vote panics/upsets you.
    "Republican" is a funny way of saying fascist, which is how you actually describe people who get panicked or upset by more people voting.
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