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    Alliance [US] [PvE] [Alliance] [RP-Deviate Delight] <Soltari> The HEROES we are looking for...

    Greetings MMO Champs and classic roamers

    <Soltari> is currently enlisting ALL roles to join our ranks!
    We have cleared ZG, MC, ONY, AQ20.

    Our 40-man raids have been cleared in alliance with other Deviate Delight guilds.
    We've improved our team and structure and aspire to put the above raids on farm, as well as clear AQ40 and BWL as a full guild in weeks to come.
    We are quickly growing a solid family of fun-lovin', heckuva-gudtime, experienced boss-downing ass-whoopers that are determined to reach Classic's end-game.
    We're a dedicated mix of vanilla players, retail players and heroes new to Azeroth. Team co-operation and comradery are keys to our success.
    We are an active guild that fosters our community both in-game and on Discord.


    • Our ideal hero doesn't have to be the most experienced... but they're looking to make new friends, foster strong relationships, open to learning new things, able to hear Discord, and is determined to clear all Classic raid content with impeccable teamwork!
    • Our raiding times are 2-3 weekdays and fall between 7pm - 11pm server time.
    • We also get a casual raid together Sunday afternoons around 130pm.
    • We kindly ask 2 raids a week as obligatory, but of course, you're encouraged to join as many as you can!
    • We are accepting level 55+ players. The guild will help you level, gear and gain attunements.
    • We are especially in need of Warrior tanks, rogues and warlocks - but we're accepting ALL roles!
    • Raid gear is distributed based on a 'wishlist' loot system; a soft-reserve system where you, and others who have wishlisted said item, are the only ones entitled to roll. All non-wishlisted drops are standard roll if need.
    • To express our dedication to yours and our guild's growth...
    **Seasoned level 60's that are raid ready will have a free character transfer waiting for them.**
    Yes! We'll pay for it!

    To apply, please reply here or shoot me a PM. Make sure to include your character info and experience in brief!
    You can also message me on Discord: KuyaCaj#9102

    - - - Updated - - -

    We're running a 40man this Thursday as of this post!

    If you'd like us to enlist you, contact me as per the post!
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    We're still enlisting all roles! Message me on discord! KuyaCaj#9102

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    We are currently enlisting Rogues, Warlocks, Mages and priests!

    Contact me on discord!

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