About Us

Barely Average is now recruiting! We’re a relatively casual guild that focuses on AOTC followed by as many mythic bosses as we can do. We run a progression minded raid that manages to stay laid back and fun. BA has had consistent progress, raiding nonstop since Siege of Orgrimmar in MoP through all of WoD, Legion, and now into BfA. We are currently attempting to fill out our roster with a few more people in order to make sure we're ready for mythic raiding. In addition to raiding we run M+ throughout the week and have members playing all sorts of multiplayer games such as Among Us, Overwatch, CoD, and more.

Our Raid Times

Tuesday 6:45-9:30p EST

Thursday 6:45-930p EST

Our BfA Progression

1/8m 8/8h Uldir
1/9m 9/9h Dazar’alor
2/2h Crucible
3/8m 8/8h Eternal Palace
5/12m, 12/12h Ny’alotha

What We’re Looking For

Ranged DPS and possibly 1 healer.

Who to Contact

Testifyx - GM

Cathbadhh (cathbadh#1488)