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    retcons are necessary when you have a story as old and as involved as WoW's. do you think that WoW Shadowlands was on the writers minds when they did Warcraft 3? of course it wasn't, so stuff is changed so that the story makes sense.
    Exactly. They probably never expected WoW to last as long as it had. Hell, in an interview a while back Morheim openly admitted that Sony had them shitting their pants. WoW was about to launch and go up against Star Wars Galaxies. Warcraft's fanbase is nothing compared to that IP. Yet the reverse happened... Sony got so terrified of Warcraft they actually killed SWG trying to copy it.

    Not to mention that you will have differing perspectives come in over time. Someone mentioned Chronicles being a "bad idea" but we already know from BlizzCon 2019 ala Pyromancer that Chronicles is the Titan version of events.

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    if you need to retcon something it is an indication that the person doing it is a bad writer,author,and just shouldn't be in the line of writing a story in general. good writers can work around story problems. bad ones just take the lazy way out by retconning stuff or doing complete 180's on characters personalities or leaving gigantic plotholes.
    Needing retcon means nothing more than the story went on longer than originally intended. Literally anything is retcon if it references anything not explicitly stated in the story previously, such as what a character was doing while the story wasn't looking at them, which is inevitable if you wish to make a new character, and an ongoing story absolutely has to have new characters.

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