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    For Affli necrolord is a big nerf. The amp doesn't even double anymore like it did before. It now only goes up to around 150% so keep that in mind. This is important since this makes the ability a lot weaker.

    For Destro FnB was also nerfed to 40% now and the ramp up only goes to about 50%.

    So you have to keep in mind even tho it is not clearly shown in the notes this part: "increase as your target's health decreases." was also nerfed heavily.

    Imo Venthyr nerf is pretty heavy too. Yea the utility is still there in form of smart cursing but the damage nerf it took is big.

    The one that still looks pretty ok to me is kyrian. It still is really solid for both affli and destro.

    And Night Fae still doesn't look much better in comparison. And this nerf was probably meant to bring all of them closer together which imo wasn't really achieved.

    Don't get me wrong i mean warlock is still in good shape overall. But tuning like this is heavy to take so close to launch. Just makes me worry what else they have in mind in the next few weeks until launch.

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    I came online on beta after the massive nerfs and I'm not gonna lie, I did have some bad omens regarding its usage. Kinda sad not only to see its maximum % damage only going up to 159%, but also seing your sole stack of extra drain soul damage go up in smoke because you had to move a step because of a mechanic, yeah, I'm starting to see the point of Kyrian being less punishing. Sure, you might miss one or two Raptures when you have all 6 dots on a boss, but completely losing a single stack of DB without being able to drain a single time? Feelsbad

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    The easiest way to use the covenant ability is kyrian, than Venthyr, Necro and hardest is NF(only if Affliction).

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