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    Quote Originally Posted by shonist View Post
    i7 7700k 16gb ram.

    the game runs mostly at 120fps. but i want to see anyone getting 60fps on last phase of Carapace with 20-30 players spawning an add each after the mind bomb
    That's why I turn the settings down for raids. That and wanting to be able to actually see stuff rather than a blur of spell effects and explosions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntenoraDK View Post
    An i3...

    Are you a laptop gamer or something?

    Now a days you can get Ryzen 3's and Ryzen 5's for a rather inexpensive price.
    A today’s i3 isn’t even half bad, a cheapo i3 10100 is basically a locked i7 6700k.

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    This is one of those posts where you show half the info and assume its bad "i5 processor" has no meaning it is a i5-3450 a quick google search shows April 23, 2012 (announcement) April 29, 2012 (launch) its asking a 7 and half year old CPU you are ether trying to cause drama or have no clue what you are talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicPeon View Post
    The newest i3's, and i do mean newest, arent much better then that i5.
    i3 and i5 means nothing without the series.

    so yes, a brand new i3 is better than a old i5.

    just compare an i3-9350KF vs i5-750, you'll see..

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