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    Naming yourself after established lore characters is also stupid.
    Yeah, basically it's a cringe level of prepubescent teen that has to roleplay Mary Sure version of Jaina in Goldshire (or Sylvanas in Silvermoon). You can go to Argent Dawn EU or Moonguard US and find tons of wannabe powerful lore figures because all they wanna roleplay as is "look at me mom, I'm OP!"

    And yes, afaik Roleplaying Realms have a policy against naming yourself after major lore figures, doesn't prevent people from doing it, and when forced to rename, just putting 3 ascii vowels in there to circumvent the RP naming policy.

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    Just allow the dozen or so Arthas in a pug. No one gives a crap about that anyways. It already happens.
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    Shoutout to myself who claimed all the cool names back in 2006! We don't do `´`¨' `

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