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    Question How to manage my binds?

    There’s a lot of discussion about the upcoming expansion. Returning “class specific spells” etc. I’m very concerned, mainly about PvP. I currently have around 50-60 binds on my rogue or holy priest mainly due to PvP reasons. I can’t image that I would need to bind few more spells for any of them. I already have a mouse with approximately 20 possible binds, but I just have no idea where to bind more spells.
    Do you know about any good guide showing how to manage my binds. I’m specifically interested in good guides for PvP healers where you need to switch targets a lot (friendly, enemy, focus) since I’m going to play a disc priest.

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    Personally I have my binds set for each spell and then a modifier for each target. Example would be flash heal for 1, shift 1 casts it on one of my partners, alt 1 would be the second partner. You could even get into using ctrl as a modifier or even shift+alt or any combination of the three modifiers.

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    I cut down a lot of my keybinds by using modifiers. You can also have the same key be multifunctioning by having [@mouseover, [harm], [help] etc. modifiers so itll do different functions depending on your mouse position or current selected target.

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