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    How this happened and there wasn't an insta-horde rebellion right off the bat blows my mind, but that's just me.
    Didn't have much time to think about it, as Sylvanas kept things rolling because she knew they would come for her at Undercity. Hard to fully comprehend and rebel when you are rushing about. Then like an abusive relationship Sylvanas used the destruction of Undercity, which she planned on doing from the start, to distract people from Darnassus. It worked to a point, it is never the abusers fault it is always something that you did. Now, I am going at this from the view of the characters and their limited knowledge of what is happening. Not from a player viewpoint, but as a player that whole thing just left me feeling numb.
    Retail sucks. Classic sucks. No positivity, only negative feedback. Why is everybody so damn miserable? Must be somebody else's fault, it couldn't possibly be my INSANELY TOXIC ATTITUDE.

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    Anyone elese noticed the sneak attempt at Holocaust denial in the second paragraph?

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    So insufficient buildup is your only reason? I know some people consider it a weakness of the story to rely on outside material, but did you read the books?

    And it kind of was supposed to be "the work of rogue elements." Sylvanas did something unexpected that was so evil that it splintered the Horde between those who would support her for the sake of achieving victory (as her "no mercy or honor" approach seemed brutally effective) and those who felt, like Saurfang, that a Horde that would go to such lengths is not what they signed up for, and would be no better than when they were enslaved to the Legion.

    And again, as we saw with the unrelenting arguing for two years straight, that schism was something they accomplished with overwhelming success.
    This is what I said earlier:

    I've never felt the tension we're supposed to feel at all. We work together too often to hate the Horde. The entirety of BfA made no sense to me...

    ...but I also don't read any of the comics or novels, so I suspect a lot of what we're missing is in those.
    I'm not saying they never built it up. I'm saying that in-game it doesn't feel built up, and that what I am missing is probably in the novels and/or comics. That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiza View Post
    Anyone elese noticed the sneak attempt at Holocaust denial in the second paragraph?
    Quote Originally Posted by ChairmanKaga View Post
    How did no replies even remark on this trolling?
    I did atleast. I guess reading posts is optional for most?

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    One of the reasons would be that pvp is a shitshow. Its boring and open world pvp makes everyone who isnt actively participating in pvp on a daily basis hate it a little more every single day. Warmode giving pvp'ers bonuses isnt helping this.

    So few people like pvp that the notion that the lore would be build on it makes people not care at all.

    Bfa is basically the first filler expansion, a term i dont use lightly.

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