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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffen View Post
    In my guild we have a few at 45ish, a couple at 50-52 and one lady at 60+. Stay strong Even if the body falls apart eventually the mind stay at 20. I am 30+ but my mind is still 12 so there.

    Its funny how that shows us when we get older. We might get wiser, but the mind stays young no matter what
    this is so true. My wife is 42, and we still giggle like teenagers at inappropriate jokes. Which she tells.

    I’m in for the long haul. I’m looking forward to sharing WoW stories when I’m 62 as well.

    Here’s hoping the game sticks around that long
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    I was 25ish, and I too believe it was the last midnight release I went to, as the stores anywhere near me all stopped doing it after that.
    I remember the employees wore panda masks and monk-looking clothing with beads and whatnot. We posed in front of the big cardboard Chen Stormstout taking pictures, drinking and having fun while waiting for midnight. I was first in line so they made a little ceremonial sorta spot on 00.00 handover of the first CE and like 50 people in queue were clapping and shit before going NOW GET OUT SO WE CAN GET OURS YOU NERD LOL and home I went by bike to get my realm first professions!
    Some pretty nice memories from those midnight releases. MoP is also by a mile my favourite expansion so overall pretty warm feeling thinking back.
    Since then I've graduated uni, moved to Japan and gotten married lol so quite a bit has happened. Kinda feels like another world. It's really only 8 years ago!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taishar68 View Post
    this is so true. My wife is 42, and we still giggle like teenagers at inappropriate jokes. Which she tells.

    I’m in for the long haul. I’m looking forward to sharing WoW stories when I’m 62 as well.

    Here’s hoping the game sticks around that long
    Yeah, and the thing about the mind staying young is very interesting to me. When I was 20 I was thinking about how I would be when I got 30-40-50. But its barely changed in 15 years. Adult responsibles, sure, but jokes, hobbies etc stays the same.

    Me and my best buddies still make the same jokes now as we did when we were 12-15. Its hilarious to think about

    When it comes to WoW, I think we will have at least 10 more years. No doubt. And one of the reasons for that is that WoW is a game that fits for everyone from 8 to 128 years. And that video games is such a widespread hobby these days so we above 30-40+ still plays WoW. Gamers are not seen as nerds in their mothers basement anymore. Which is a delightful thought imo.
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    I was 41. I was excited with all the dailies. I remember I had time to create a Pandaren monk and play a bit before going to work.

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    Was 29 and I have fond memories of being stuck on the gunship trying to get past the initial quest that required you to fire the cannons Constantly logging on and off and on again until the servers became more stable at about 5am so I could actually start questing, good times :P

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    I was 35 and was in the middle of a long hiatus from game. Just as well, my eldest daughter was an infant at that time.

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    i was in my 20s and quit the game because of MOP

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    How old were you 8 years ago?
    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    What did you do first when the expac released
    Well, I had just unsubscribed, and since I choose not to purchase the Mists of Pandaria-expansion, I focused on tech-related things IRL and moderating the MMOC Computer forum, as well as working and finishing up my education.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    Does it feel like 8 years?
    Both yes and no. It does feel like a long time ago, but not specifically 8. If someone told me 4 or 6 years ago, I would have taken that at face value, too.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    Do you feel old?
    Both yes and no. Context is important. I’m older than I feel I should be. In a vacuum? No. But I am also at an age which I considered old when it applied to people who were this age when I was half the age I am today.

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    I was finishing my first year of medical school. I barely remember that expansion, skipped most of it.

    I can remember BC/WotLK/Cata in a detailed way. MoP and WoD are a big blurry mess in my memory.

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    B-day is today 26th, so mist was a nice early gift. Was 29. Out of work and this was the expansion I set out with a goal.
    I had just moved into a new place with 2 friends a month before who had no clue of how my WoW addiction went.
    I stayed up 18 hours when mist came out. Pissing in bottles going for server 1st lvl 90 druid. When I achieved it and come out of my room, confused set of roommates who were wondering if I had died, asking how, why, and what the hell I did.
    Thus began my greatest journey top 5 kills and a world 1st or 2.
    Mist was the height of my raiding, friends, guild togetherness and fun all around regardless of it being about pandas. Wrath still holds top spot for my favorite.
    I cant say that I don't miss it, great questing and beautiful zones on top of the feeling of what an MMO should have been playing with other people. Now just feels empty.
    It was the last expansion for myself that I played fully until about half way threw when the guild fell apart. Now its like most, Release for a bit then come back on patches and free weekends.
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    I was like 18 or 19 and just started my training for becoming a paramedic.

    It was during the workshop, at our hotel, where I brought my laptop just for being able to play the game and level up. I went from 85 to 87 that night.

    It surely does not feel like 8 years.

    I do feel old, knowing I just started my 9th year of employment.

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    I was 18 and about a month into my first semester of college. I rememebr that GW2 had come out a month or so before and I played that really hard, then dropped it for MoP and never really returned. I leveled my mage first. I do very much miss MoP.

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    i was 32 and my daughter was born the very first day soo was opened.

    those were good days.

    and no, i didn't feel old then, i don't feel old now.
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    I was 22 back in the day, and Mists was the best WoW experience I've had so far. Best expansion for me.

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