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    I mean, are you really a casual ? I don't think you could reach 30K and be casual in the true sense of the word except If you play since a very long time and then I don't think you could really be a casual in the modern sense.

    A WoW casual at this point is someone that buys the expansion every few years, level to know the storyline, dabbles a bit in the early content and then either quit or get back when there's a big patch to know the follow-up to the story. Someone who plays the game "a bit" since years is not really what I would call a casual even though It's a healthy relationship to the game.

    I played hardcore during multiple time periods yet I have only 14k achievement points (which puts me in the "unranked" category). Granted, It's mostly because I don't really PvE anymore except in Mythic+ so I no longer passively acquire a lot of achievements. But even moreso because I simply don't care at all about achievements which for me are not something that motivate me to play multiplayer games (I like achievement hunting on EU4 but If I'm bored in WoW for lack of challenge or community I simply unsub).

    I think It's true that I'm at the extreme end of "not caring" but at the same time I don't think I represent a really uncommon share of the playerbase that's really involved in the game either.

    Indeed, I feel like most hardcore players focus on accomplishing hard tasks that require real mechanical skills and/or a great degree of cooperation with other players.

    I don't say achievements require no skill at all (bar the easiest that clearly wouldn't allow you to reach 30K) because they often require to do silly tasks to get them and these silly tasks often require some form of skill... But they're clearly not as challenging as high-end PvE content or PvP at high ratings either.

    Come to think of It, your surprise over this somewhat mirrors the incomprehension I have about the obsession a big part of the community seem to have gotten about the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur in the last year.

    For me, spending 5 million gold for that seems to be a waste of money you could spend on something more useful (multiple BoE BiS gear pieces, consumables for like forever, subscription for more than 2 years ...) and even very prestigious achievements If you're a scummy player (you could get a full Mythic carry quite early in the Raid tier for this kind of money).

    On top of that, I see Caravan Brutosaurs everywhere nowaday and I sincerely no longer think they're impressive at all. Even moreso because It was further spoilt by Mr Moneybags that simply spent a few hundred bucks to get It. So I don't think there's a prestige motivation that could motivate me If the task at play wasn't so boring either.

    But It's only because I don't see the game the same way as others see It. Some players like to set themselves goals that make them proud about what they've accomplished and that's totally fine with me even though I don't understand It completely.

    But for me, what you consider to be the game (achievement, grinding professions/gold/mounts) are mundane things I have to care a bit about (like some achievements to get in good groups easier, optimizing my performance by getting better pieces of BoE gear, sometimes show off a bit with a hard to get mount...) to be able to not care about them the earliest possible.

    I don't consider them hindrance because I feel like they're a staple of a RPG but I'm glad they're not something I have to worry too much about either.

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    OP, there is NOTHING casual about you. You are beyond delusional feeling that way. Your achievement points, mount count, toy count, quest count, etc. show that you have been no-lifeing the game for probably a decade+. Seriously, you are the antithesis to casual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    In their Faq it says all activate accounts was it last 30 days or whatever gets updated through Blizzard API.
    Don `t think it has data from every account worldwide.

    But 30k+ achievement points it pretty nuts, gz !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    Its just a number - If im, with a casual playstyle of not going very hard imo, are top 3000, I imagine the people under me many of them barely even grinds. I know what a HUGE difference there is between just 31k or 30k nerd points, let alone 28k which I figure is enough for 20k world rank.

    And I say casual because like all of 2020 it feels like I barely grinded anything, just been bored in wow making a lot of gold on my bank alt. Also played classic wow for like 2 months total or so. I know when I go hard in wow, did that beforehand and that I cba anymore, yet im still good today.
    3000? 3000 in what? world? your completiuon score is huge mate.

    Also you kn ow this data has tobe uploaded first, every person who enters their data adds to it, it does not have EVERYONES right away, especially since for example toys, and appearances and alts cant be tracked from a search, you have to enter those yourself. those things among other things are not kept on the armory, those are private.

    plus i love how you say "Im casual" yet you have 31,000 acheivement points... my dude... thats fucking insane, thats 90% of the acheviements, wehat the fuck you talking about.

    You have 4500 recipes, 570 toys, 10,000 appearences, 104 honor level, 240,000 honor kills, completed 13,300 quests, and collected 550 mounts, my dude, you are FAR from casual.

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    I can count the number of grinds I've done in this game on one hand.

    I've simply been playing many hours/day for 11 years, being an omnivore when it comes to content. Also, 3rd party website for numbers. People I've never seen grind before, did a grind for the Brutosaur, or the Visions backpack and other items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunxsera View Post
    Don `t think it has data from every account worldwide.

    But 30k+ achievement points it pretty nuts, gz !
    it literally cannot, as toys, appearences, and alts are not public information.

    There is a reason why places like simple armory requires an addon, and websites cant track your alts anymore, and tmog addons only work ingame.

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    Yeah site seems busted tbh, can't even search Baelgun-US it keeps flipping to Baelgun-EU, which I don't think is even a thing?

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    Did a spot check of my character out of curiosity. Didn't see anything that wasn't accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephire View Post
    31k+ could be casual? I mean, I spent more than 50h on mythic N'zoth before we got him down. Imagine how many achi-points I could have gotten instead. It's just a matter of what you do with your time. If every 2h per day is put into doing achievements you should be able to have 31k+ by now (starting from when achievements first was introduced).

    I had a period where I really farmed a lot off achievements. We were some friends doing it so it was more of a social thing. Still, I'd guess that would amount to some 1-2k achi-points? Wasn't a very long period. I now have some 21k by just passively gaining them over time. Only some dungeon and raid meta achis have been focused on but that's a really low achi-point-pool in the long run.

    Again, this is if you've played on and off since achis was introduced. You wreck up a lot of points by just playing an expansion. Leveling through an expansion just to get to the newest isn't even close in points gained though.

    So if you started playing in BFA then 31k+ is pretty hardcore, but if you started way back, pretty casual. In my opinion.
    I totally agree with you - I'm not one to disagree with that logic because again players like me who do a VERY wide variety of content from achieves, to collections (titles, mounts, pets, GOLD), to just literally messing around, to pvp, m+, gearing, all kinds of dumb shit - I guess I should of massively highlighted things like Feats of Strength, or Mounts, Pets, Achieves, vs Gearing/IO/Raiding/high level pvp.. because the simple fact is - if I just simple logged into wow and ONLY CARED about achieves - I could indeed have the 30,000 or so.. but lets be honest, That's a lot of actual busy work and doesn't sound like fun to me so..

    Anyway I agree with ya, but you mayyyyy of missed the part that I quote " I play probably 2 hours PER day and I'm like 10,000 below you, obviously I do other things (my feats compared isn't even close) but again - if you look at how many toys, titles, pets, and mounts you have ALONE that enough makes you look pretttttty hard in the game (or if you play clASSic "SWEATY") " being a BIIIIIIIG thing to not miss, his titles, pets, and mounts alone are more than 99.99% of people on this forum, and people on this forum are SWEATYAFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    This guys grade a trolling if he thinks over 31k acheives ALONG WITH that huge amount of toys, pets, mounts, titles, and the big time amount of time doing those things is casual unless he literally just got everything in a few hours.. come on mate

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    I'd love to know what your /played is & how long you've been playing for, because anyone claiming 31k is casual is pretty nuts if you ask me.

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    The majority of players don't give AF about 99% of cosmetics, and they certainly don't care about meaningless achievement "points".

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    from the looks of it theres more that grind pet battles than those that grind mounts but you also have 500 mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toybox View Post
    I'd love to know what your /played is & how long you've been playing for, because anyone claiming 31k is casual is pretty nuts if you ask me.
    I have been playing for 100s of days but I only got 22150. I do play a lot, but I don't do achievements whatsoever with the intent of getting it. It just comes with the content I am doing.

    A couple of my guildies got 32k and they spend 90% of their time in game to get achievements. We are "casuals" in the term when it comes to "hardcore" playing, but some are not "casual" when it comes to how much they work for getting those achievements.

    On completion score my guildie is among top 1700 in world, I am in top 35k

    I guess casual in the OPs definition is someone who plays a few hours a week, but then again you can get a lot of achievements if you do only that. It was easier back in the day in vanilla/TBC, casual were not raiding a lot, while hardcores were raiding all the time :P
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    Agreee, its not casual.

    As i see he pretty much play this game as i do for couple of years already. Logging in doing many differents stuffs but not raiding .And since hes not raiding, he missunderstood term cassual/hardcore.
    Yea its not hardcore raiding, but its hardcore playing this game . As me im not raider ,let alone hardcore one( but want to raid again in SL ) , but im hardcore WoW player. Bassicaly except few HS games or few LoL ranked this is only game i play since 2005 .

    About site, my main is accurate, but i think it doesnt track my alliance character, because i missing almost every aliance thing in my profile even when my alliance char have it + i miss plenty classes mounts from other chars.
    Here is my char, playing this game since 2005 with 785days played on my main hunter + around 500-600 more days on other chars combinate

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    From the looks of that site you look pretty hardcore, like asmongold level. Not many people are that hardcore

    A casual player is someone who only plays sometimes but can take long breaks
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    not sure how to read this website but im a casual as fuck as of late/past couple xpacs. also dont know how account based achievements are turned off but okay.

    edit figured it out had to turn something off that was on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.

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    31k achieves... Casual... Lol.

    Re: title. Many, many more than 20k people grind in wow. They just don't grind achievement points specifically because they're worthless and aren't used for anything. 31k achieves is far from casual regardless, though.

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    I stopped caring about achievements in cataclysm, same for mounts, in the end I'm still using the same mounts from vanilla/BC/woltk (ZA bear, ZG mounts, mimiron's head,...) , I dont think I'll ever change

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    Here's the thing, @Djuntas. With almost 32k achievement points you are at the very pinnacle of wow completionists, at least when it comes to achievements. You can't just say "oh I stopped this and that years ago so I shouldn't be better than anyone". You are at 93% achievement points man. You can't expect to be 1 millionth player and you shouldn't be weirded out that you are so high in the rankings with this kind of completion. Yes, your pets and pvp do suck, and you're not a mount collecting champion, but you have still done almost everything in the game in many ways.

    WoW is this kind of game that always makes you feel that you don't have everything, because very few do, and this feeling makes you feel like you don't belong to the top "grinders" or however you wish to call it. This is objectively not true though. Sometimes it might be good take a look at your in-game shit and just feel proud man. I have like 200 achie points more than you, and sometimes I do feel like you. There's a lot of pvp achievements I will never get (pretty much the only field I lack any achievements still). And it often makes me feel incomplete.

    Lots of people just play this game to do dungeons/raids/pvp. I'd say that's the majority. And then those who do achievements / collection stuff often do it as an off-time activity. They don't devote hundreds of hours to it like many of us do. I consider people hardcore collectors and grinders if they have as little as 20k achie points, because that's the reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    So hey guys, a friend of mine linked this new site, and once again the same picture I saw in WOD, is still present today end of BFA in 2020. Here is the link for my main.

    I know I lack soooooooooooooooooooooooooo (...) many achievements, mounts and all that jazz I just dont bother grinding hard for. Im sure many people more motivated than me got them years ago even.

    Yet what I find is a very relaxed / casual POV to grinding in wow ranks me at 2855 in world on achievements, 4000 on mounts.

    I know grinding as much as this requires is just not even CLOSE to being everyone's cup of tea, but I will leave the last example: I dont collect pets anymore, sold all my pets in WOD, I just said...fuck it, I have my limits, I dont wanna haft to do pet shit. So now a days I have barely even done any pet achievements and so on. Yet even if I got rid, and still trying to sell new pets I get, Im ranked 89.000 in the world, when im not even trying to do anything for it, in fact im combating my own ranking.

    What are your thoughts on this? When I dug into this in WOD I figured maybe the sites back then were a little inaccurate - I mean come on, wow is like basement dweller utopia, thats what we're all told, and its also supposedly has 3, 5, 6? million subscribers. But from the title only seems like MAX 20.000 people even grinds in this game.
    a very extreme minority actually cares about grinding achivments in wow, most just log on to play and have fun, do dungeons, raids or pvp

    I have played wow every raid tier since Wotlk and have 14k achivment points

    calling yourself a casual while having 31k points shows you are probably extremly out of touch with what a casual gamer is, and you probably play wow for 8hours+ every day as well
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