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    Can you group in Exile's Reach? If so, when?


    I've convinced a couple of my friends who have never played WoW to give SL a chance due to the new and improved starting and leveling experience. We are scheduling dates and times to play together, but I can't seem to find any information online as to grouping in the new Exile's Reach starting area. Is it a purely solo experience? If you can group, at what point are you able to? Immediately at the beginning, or from a specific point? If you can group, will we be phased together, or will it keep us separate up to a specific point?

    Any info would be much appreciated!

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    You can group up, it's not a single player instance

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    It's not a solo experience and there is at least one mob you need at least two people to kill last time I tried it.

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    Thanks for the quick replies! I know the experience starts off with a lot of class, movement, and ability explanation/tutorial. I assumed we wouldn't be able to group for those bits because they are unique to each class. Is that not the case? Or can you group immediately after that start bit?

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    I think you should be able to group up from the minute you spawn in so playing with friends should be easy especially if your on the same realm

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