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    Quote Originally Posted by Trend View Post
    Someone call the police. Logic just got murdered.
    oh hey it's the unfatigable turbo fanboy trend. go ahead, tell me how i murdered logic.

    Also, nice burner account. They'll never figure out that one.
    does it look like i care in any way shape or form?
    it takes two minutes to make an account

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    Pre-ordered the heroic(?) edition within 3minutes of being available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dialuspin View Post
    go ahead, tell me how i murdered logic.
    It does not matter how many facts you list when you jump to an unsupported conclusion. A lot of arguments are illogical, but it's particularly repulsive to pretend you're doing logic when you make such a mockery of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by dialuspin View Post
    does it look like i care in any way shape or form?
    it takes two minutes to make an account
    Thanks for confirming. I'll be sure to report so you can have more time added to the ban on your main account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    This includes pre-orders. The game looks Halloween-ready, so anyone buying it later will be missing the point... or receiving a very awkward Christmas present.

    Will you be buying the game on day 1?
    If I buy Shadowlands it will be on or after release. I didn't pre-purchase the game and I don't plan to.

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    Since Cataclysm I had a tradition of getting a standard copy of each expansion from the midnight release event (or the day after if there was no event) at a nearby Gamestop, but since they went out of business in Finland I have to think of something else. I still intend to get a standard edition on Day 1.
    Now you see it. Now you don't.

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    For those like me who wanted to add the standard retail boxed version to our collections and then found the collector's edition set was sold out everywhere by the time we realised there would be no standard boxed version... Amazon UK have the collector's edition back in stock now at the normal retail price of £109.99 with free delivery. Much better than the £170 to £200 currently being asked for the few copies on ebay.

    Be quick, I'm sure they won't last long.

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    Picked up my physical CE today. Price was 195 usd equivalent. Kinda pricey I agree, but not an issue for me, and I have all the other CE's and these boxes are the only gaming-related thing I collect so whatever.

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    Definitely thinking about it, which would be my first Expansion pack since WotLK that I buy on day 1. Depends on how many things they can fix before launch day.

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