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    Halls of Origination for me. That place was SUPER cool, the amount of bosses in there that all had pretty cool stuff to them. I wish it was a timewalking dungeon, I get why it's not but man was it good.

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    Classic: Sunken Temple (loved figuring out for the first time how to navigate and complete the dungeon)
    TBC: Shadow Labs (Loved Murmur)
    WoTLK: Oculus (I'm a fan of attempting new things and I thought it was a good attempt, but not efficient for pugs)
    Cata: UBRS (I loved many of the updates they did to dungeons with some exclusions... looking at you Sunken Temple... but UBRS was the best that paid homage to its original other than Deadmines)
    MOP: Shado-Pan Montastery (aesthetics and overall feel)
    WoD: Grimrail Depot (again, attempting new things is a major plus and I loved it)
    Legion: Black Rook Hold (hard decision, I loved many legion dungeons. That immense climb up this dangerous keep really made me feel the most invested in the zone)
    BFA: Waycrest Manor (Love the horror feel of it and the usage of music/sounds the most in this dungeon)
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    Sunken temple, pre-remake.

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    Not sure if it’s underrated or not, but I always loved the massive expanse of Halls of Origination in Cata.

    It was probably the closest we came to a “mega dungeon” from TBC until Return to Kara in Legion.

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    I really like WoD dungeons. Especially upper blackrock and everbloom

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    There was a lot of hate for Oculus but I liked the idea. I think they just made the 3 dragon "classes" too complicated.
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    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    Excluding karazhan, that was my all time favorite btw, i have to say... Grimrail Depot.

    I know, I know, but I just can't help it, getting on a train? Taking down bad guys? Man, I LOVED it.

    The fights were cool enough too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Moose Fandango View Post
    The original Scholomance. Oh, how I miss that place.
    For real... but hardly underrated.

    Underrated would be the likes of Blackfathom Deeps and Maraudon. <3
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    "classic" Lower / upper BRS were the best dungeons in the game. Most other ones that followed have been single path nonsense that are now designed to speedrun rather than being environmentally interesting.

    Most WotLK dungeons are quite visually impressive. I think I always enjoyed Azjol Nerub because of the vertical nature of it, but its a really short instance.

    I found the Kara revamp really enjoyable from both a fight perspective, and overall layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Moose Fandango View Post
    The original Scholomance. Oh, how I miss that place.
    Yeah, creepy AF.

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    I don`t think they are underrated, but i loved both karazhan & mechagon dungeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    most people's responses have been some of the best dungeons in popular opinion lol,the post is about underated dungeons you prefer...and that is kinda hard to say,you would have to check a website that tracked dungeon popularity by expansion...but even that may not be accurate as in many expansions,you didnt run the dungeons you liked and enjoyed you ran the most efficient ones,for badge farming or ap like maw of souls was....

    but lets give it a go:

    vanila: zul farak,i just love deserts,its almost always some of my favorite areas in wow,i loved games like mad max and assasins creed origins
    tbc: overall these dungeons never felt all that apealing,but escape from durnholde is one people didnt enjoy that i did
    wrath: pit of saron
    cata:tol vir
    bfa:hard one as i disliked most lol...but proly underrot,rly liked the design
    It is hard indeed, because people only got their experience to go by. I loved Arcway like you listed here, and most guildies did as well. But you probably have seen someone talk about it, or have a personal experience in how people say its bad, right.

    So it's hard to get it correct. I guess Occulus like mentioned a few times now is one of those which were more like universally disliked.

    Grimrail on the other hand that is also mentioned a few times generally got praise from what I have seen. Doesn't matter much, but as far as topic goes it's interesting to read anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunxsera View Post
    I don`t think they are underrated, but i loved both karazhan & mechagon dungeons.
    Yeah, we need more of those megadungeons!
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    I really loved shadow labs back in the day

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    For some reason I keep reading this thread title as "Favorite dragon" or "Favorite undead dungeon".
    The 3 dh spec is increíble.

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    I like Shadowmoon Burial Ground, with the crypts area opening up to a grand cavernous area further inside.

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    This is a tough one. I think my favorite underrated dungeon is either Well of Eternity or Halls of Origination.
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    I like quite a few every expansion. I think the ones I like the best that come to mind immediately are Court of Stars, Grim Batol and the troll ones from Wrath (Drak'Tharon, Gundrak). I just find them fun.

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    Utgarde Keep and The Nexus I loved Wrath.
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    well of eternity, zulaman, mechanar

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    "Under rated" is rather vague because people have different tastes.

    I personally enjoyed the TBC dungeons like shadow lab and the zangermarsh dungeons. They felt dangerous and kind of epic in a way
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