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    Violet Hold would probably be the one most people wouldn't like that I do. I generally liked most dungeons up until Cata, after that they started being more hit and miss. I can't stand the MoP dungeons as a whole and can pretty much say the same for Legion and BfA.

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    sure it was painful to PuG because the majority couldn't be bothered to take fifteen seconds to read the dragon abilities and figure out the oh so complicated rotation, but if you went there with a halfway competent group it was fun. it's just unfortunate that the potential of vehicle combat was never fulfilled due to the action bars for them being overly simplistic in an attempt to make them idiotproof (of course idiocy was never the problem, it was pure laziness, so this didn't work anyway) so they were always too easy for competent players and too hard for pugs

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    Halls of Reflection; It was hard, stressful and probably the dungeon I've wiped most in during "Current content," but it was hella memorable as well. I still remember the boss quotes despite not being there more than a couple of times for several years, the escape from Arthas was a thrill the first time and helped build him up as the final villain.

    Of the things that made Arthas such a good Villain, was the "show don't tell" approach that was used to build him up. All we get these days are mobs, quests adn NPCs telling us how dangerous the bosses and enemies are.

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    Halls of Origination, a lot of people hated because the trash was nasty pre nerf and it's a pretty long instance.

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    Forge of Souls for me. Loved that dungeon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    I always thought that the Nexus looked beautiful for a dungeon. Lots of ''cool'' things that are going on, its rather large and doesn't take to long to complete. I don't often hear people say what they think of this dungeon but for me its one of my favorites.
    Same. Always felt bummed that they scrapped the planned raid that would take place in it. Most of the weapons created for it was instead dumped in Halls of Reflection.

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    I’ve always liked the train dungeon in WoD, Grimrail Depot. Don’t know if it’s considered underrated or beloved.

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