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    Lots of good ones, I'll narrow down my favorites;

    Predator. Classic as classics get, and Arnie's best.

    Dredd is how you do an adaptation and a good movie right all in one package. So rare it deserves mention for that alone.

    Mad Max 2 and Fury Road are equally as good, albeit the latter does have more action and some of the most spectacular visuals ever put to film.

    Edge of Tomorrow blends sci-fi and action really well, Emily Blunt is and looks kickass in it, and if nothing else you get to see Tom Cruise die over and over in various creative ways.

    Does First Blood even count as an action flick considering its premise? I'll add it there anyway, best Rambo movie and best Stallone one even.

    John Wick is the slick and modern answer to the macho and old-fashioned 80's and 90's action movies, and surpasses most of them on the way while not even getting worse sequel by sequel which is a feat in and of itself.

    And finally, can't forget Die Hard, the progenitor of possible more imitators than any of these movies. Sadly that one definitely did get worse over time.
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    I'm just going to add some to the list, Bad Boys, Boondocks Saints, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (and Snatch), Training Day, Man on Fire, Kick Ass, the Bourne Identity, Taken, and Kill Bill (those might be too long?).

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    Terminator 2, Mad Max Fury Road and Desperado [who can say no to that duo with the machine guns and rocket launcher guitar cases?!].

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    American Sniper, although I'd call it more drama than action...
    Dredd, Karl Urban was so fine in that one.
    Mad Max: Fury road, obviously.
    ALL the Mission Impossibles from 3 and forward, I never grow tired of them. Especially any scene featuring Sean Harris... I LOVE that man! Also, the bathroom fight scene in Fallout... My LAWD!
    Edge of Tomorrow, pleasantly surprised by it.
    Die Hard 1 and 3, the others don't exist to me.
    District 9
    The Robocop remake, I don't enjoy the original anymore. Used to view it as the pinnacle of cinema.
    The first Jack Reacher wasn't that bad. The second one was a dumpster fire.
    13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Didn't like it the first time, loved it the second and now it's a fixture.
    John Wick. Same here, didn't like at first, now I enjoy it quite a bit. Especially the scene in the last one where they utilized Malinois dogs. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

    Thing is, TONS of favourite movies of mine, are listed as "action", but I don't think many of them belong on my list of movies that I'll watch when I want lots of fighting on screen...

    I always prefer an R rating for action movies, but in some cases it can be compensated by lots of fun, like the Mission Impossible franchise previously mentioned.
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    Face Off... or any film with Nic Cage for that matter :P

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    I'll also throw in a vote for TRON:Legacy. Movie gets a lot of hate, sometimes warranted, but man some of the action sequences and accompanying music are pretty damn cool.

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    True Lies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pvt Hudson View Post
    Nothing beats Aliens.
    Aliens was such a perfect sequel.
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    As a lover of action movies, all of these are on my must haves list, in alphabetical order no less. Some also fit into other categories(like Aliens) but they have enough action to qualify here too:

    A Better Tomorrow 1-2
    Alita:Battle Angel
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Blade 1-2
    Born to Fight
    The Bourne Identity
    Captain America:The Winter Soldier
    Conan the Barbarian(Arnold version, not Momoa version)
    Demolition Man
    Die Hard 1-3
    Edge of Tomorrow
    Enter the Dragon
    Escape From New York
    Fast & Furious 5-7
    First Blood
    Fist of Legend
    Hard Boiled
    John Wick 1-3
    The Killer
    Lethal Weapon
    The Man From Nowhere
    The Matrix
    Mission Impossible series from 3 onwards
    Once Upon a Time in China
    Police Story
    Predator 1-3
    The Purge:Anarchy
    The Raid 1-2
    Terminator 1-2
    They Live
    The 13th Warrior
    Tom-Young-Goong(aka The Protector)
    Total Recall
    Under Siege
    Undisputed 2-3
    Universal Soldier:Regeneration
    The Wild Bunch

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    John Wick trilogy

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    I could post a pretty huge list, but to keep it short and just mention the first one that comes to mind? Terminator 2. I saw the first two in the wrong order (so I saw T2 long before I saw T1) and liked both.

    Also, unpopular opinion time, but I didn't think T3 was that bad. Nowhere near the same level as the first two movies, but I don't think it deserved the hate. I do think everything past T3 is an abomination though.

    edit: and most of the Death Wish movies. I haven't seen the more recent Bruce Willis one (although most of what I've read about it has been negative, so seeing it hasn't been a priority for me), but the first 5 with Charles Bronson are all classics.
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    22 Bullets
    Leon the professional
    (or in general Jean Reno)

    Blazing Saddles
    Crime is King
    Die Hard 1
    Dirty Dozen (original)
    Dirty Harry
    Don Camillo (all 5 original ones in black and white)
    Duell - Enemies at the Gate
    Expendables 1+2
    Fifth Element
    Flags of our Fathers
    From Dusk till Dawn 1
    Ghost in the Shell (original Anime)
    Good Morning Vietnam
    Gran Torino
    Hellboy 1+2
    Iron Sky 1
    Jackal, The
    Jurrassic Park
    Kingdom of Heaven
    LAst Action Hero
    Last Boy Scout
    Last King of Scotland
    Lethal Weapon
    Life of Brian (Monty Python)
    Lord of the Rings
    Men in Black 1
    Michael Jackson Moonwalker
    Pitch Black
    Point Break
    Police Academy series
    Predator 1+2
    Predators 1
    Producers, The
    Quest for the Holy Grail (Monty Python)
    Rambo series
    Red Heat
    Robocop 1
    Robocop Reboot
    Rocky series and Creed series
    Running Man
    Saving Private Ryan
    Sin City
    Space Balls
    Spider Man 1+2
    Terminator 1+2+4
    The Transporter
    The Wrestler
    TMNT 1+2+Out of the Shadows
    Wild West
    Young Frankenstein

    Lots of action, and a few comedies that i consider essentials.
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    The best:
    Terminator 2

    Last 3 MI movies (5 getting honorable mention)
    True Lies
    First 3 Bourne movies (1 getting honorable mention)
    Extraction (okay movie, killer action scenes)
    Casino Royale
    John Wick movies (1 getting honorable mention)

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    In no particular order:

    Matrix Trilogy
    Tron: Legacy
    John Wick Trilogy
    Hellboy II
    Pacific Rim
    Mad Max: Fury Road

    My must haves.

    But if I have to pick one it would be Tron: Legacy. Gorgeous to look at, amazing music and cool as heck action.

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    My essential list,

    Terminator (1 and 2 and nothing beyond.. before?)
    Predator (original)
    Matrix (really just the first one)
    Die Hard (original and the New York one with Sam Jackson)
    Fast and the Furious (2-3 of the movies can't remember which -- for sure not 2)
    Edge of Tomorrow
    Mission Impossible (1-2 of the movies, can't remember which)
    Iron Man (1-2 of them were misses for me but not horrible bad)
    Avengers (I think I liked them all)
    John Wick (I respect them all)
    Rambo (1 & 2 being the ones I respect most)
    The Rock

    But if I had to widdle it down to just one then it probably would be Predator as my personal winner. Aliens and the OG Matrix are really close follow ups though.

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    Agreeing with a lot of the newer posts, and adding a few more:

    A Company Man
    Iron Monkey
    The Man Form Nowhere
    The Night Comes For Us
    The Villainess
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    To bring up a couple that have not been mentioned in the thread:

    Men of War
    Showdown in Little Tokyo

    Both great 80s Dolph Lundgren action movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pakheth View Post
    In no particular order:

    Matrix Trilogy
    Tron: Legacy
    John Wick Trilogy
    Hellboy II
    Pacific Rim
    Mad Max: Fury Road

    My must haves.

    But if I have to pick one it would be Tron: Legacy. Gorgeous to look at, amazing music and cool as heck action.
    Finally, someone who likes Pacific Rim!!!

    Ya the story was meh, but the action and the technology kind of reminded me of gundam, the action was intense and had my attention.

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    Pacific Rim. Fun film and excellently paced.

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