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    There is extensive player housing in GTA V with garages/tech shops/businesses/warehouses etc. Its ok but the real action is out there. In wow we had the garrisons and then the class halls. Ok not the same thing but to have housing that makes sense you would need an ultra large world where players can actually build and then i don't know defend? their buildings etc.

    WoW is too utility driven to have mini games like that in it. In between doing the daily progression stuff and every multiplayer thing one plays I don't see where housing could fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinstripe View Post
    Archage online had this, but I dont see how it could fit into WoW.

    Wow has no land to claim, unless you mean more like Runescape where you have your own home to TP to?
    Obviously you shouldn't just drop it anywhere.

    However, there should be select locations in various towns and even points in the open world, that would have a personal instance containing your stuff. Obviously multiple players would have the "same" house, similar to the garrison, and each instance belonging to each player.

    The objects inside could be ranging from furniture with various racial themes, and even (Blizzard willing) items that drop from various bosses and which work like trophies being able to be mounted on pre-existing nodes in your house.

    Hell, we could even have guild houses in the form of a Guild Hall present in Stormwind/Ogrimmar, acting like an instance that is shared by all members of that guild, and inside would obviously be trophies, statues, etc, maybe even locations only accessible by guild officers, similar to entering the wrong class hall in Legion and getting kicked out by some NPC or event.

    And if Blizzard really wants to, there should be locations that are able to be developed and made bigger with gold and grinding, turning a hovel into a castle, making the player really attached to a very expensive house. And what if you could even sell your house to other players?

    But yeah, such content will never happen as long as Blizzard has crunch and fails to hit deadlines for expansion launches.
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    I support this idea. I like it. It would be something I personally would be interested in spending time on achieving. I'm not a hardcore raider anymore and casually play on my own time, so I would totally be down for earning housing items, rooms, etc. I enjoy the collecting aspect of WoW these days.

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