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    [H] - Offbeat - Area 52 - T/W/Sun 9-11:30 Est - SEMI-HARDCORE RECRUITING FOR SL

    Offbeat is now recruiting for Shadowlands. We are comprised of raiders (ages 25-40) who have been playing together since Vanilla and are looking to round out our Mythic raiding roster. While our raid nights are a friendly and fun environment, ultimately we are highly competitive and looking for CE in each tier. We will raid approximately 6-9 hours per week (still being finalized), so plan on fast pulls, focused raiding, and one 5-10 minute break. The guild will use RCLootCouncil to assist in loot distribution on duplicate items.

    For the remainder of BFA, the guild will be focusing on running M+, leveling alts, and getting to know our new potential raiders. Players looking for leadership opportunities are also welcome as we grow our raid team.

    Server: Area 52

    Raid Times/Days: Tues, Th, Sun 9-11:30 EST

    Requirements: History of CE or relevant achievements, knowing your class, and being able to speak intelligently about your class design. Maintaining at least one geared alt is highly recommended but not required.

    Recruiting: all roles and classes.

    Contact Info:
    Dadwald, Veyd

    Battletag: Dadwald#1764, Veyd#1292 , or Cut#11787
    Discord: Dadwald#1764 or Veyd#6469, or Cutmyself#9268
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