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    NA - Kurinnaxx - PVP - Recruiting for our core raid team

    >> Loot Ninjas LLC - NA - Kurinnaxx - PVP - Recruiting for our core raid team**


    > Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm - 9:00pm PST
    > 8/8 BWL - 33 mins
    > 9/9 AQ40 - 1hr 5 mins
    > World Buffs runs optional on Mondays

    Loot Ninjas LLC is a guild formed early on in classic and is lead by raiders with experience in vanilla Naxx up through 4 horsemen. We are currently clearing BWL in 30-40 mins, and AQ40 in under 1.5 hours. We are aiming to avoid super min-maxing culture while still clearing the content with respectable times, and having fun while doing it.


    > Mage (HIGH)
    > Holy Pally (HIGH)
    > Holy Priest (MEDIUM)

    > We use a modified loot council. The majority of gear is open rolled by players above 80% attendance. Rare or especially powerful items are put on a loot council list. The council then votes and distributes the loot based on attendance, Parses, Contribution to guild both tangible and non-tangible, preparedness, the longevity of the upgrade, size of the upgrade, consistency of effort put forth in raid, would the item allow for additional upgrades such as completing a set or allowing the use of a full set by supplying stats that allow it. All of these things are taken into consideration in varying degrees and not necessarily in the order listed above.


    If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you can get in touch with me by adding Boradun#1509 to battlenet.
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    Bump still recruiting 1 mage and 1 holy pally or priest.

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