View Poll Results: Which campaign will you level in (first)?

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  • Vanilla

    10 6.06%
  • TBC

    13 7.88%
  • Wrath

    25 15.15%
  • Cataclysm

    18 10.91%
  • MoP

    29 17.58%
  • WoD

    41 24.85%
  • Legion

    29 17.58%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurhetemec View Post
    The Cata dungeons are biggest noob-punishers in the history of noobs. They're not fun even when you know what you're doing..
    This, Cata had by far the most annoying, irritating, UNFUN dungeons ever made in WoW. I really hope there is some form of "blacklisting" at least 3 or 4 dungeons when you sign up in LFD. You can bet which I'd be going for

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    Probably WoD exclusively, because garrisons will be a gold mine again

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    I keep one of everything at max level and if I were to level I'd spam dungeons as usual, but if I were to level something it'd be WoD, the levelling experience was something that expansion did right.

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    Legion for weapon mogs.

    I have a feeling that blizz will hit WoD with another bat-nerf sometime after launch.

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    Depends. If I'm leveling an Orc? Warlords of Draenor.

    Human? Vanilla.
    Nightborne? Burning Crusade.
    Undead? Wrath.
    Dwarf? Cataclysm.
    Pandaren? Mists.
    Draenei? Legion.

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    I wanna try leveling a bit with scenarios in tandem with dungeons and the quests in Mists. I think it offers the most variety along the way to level, and I just think Mists has the most beautiful zones overall of the selection to level through. Jade Forest is always great particularly and I kinda wanna go through the Klaxxi stuff again.

    Wrath is a close second, though. I do like Wrath dungeons a lot and Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills are always great particularly.

    Legion I hadn't considered - the Artifact acquisitions can be pretty fun for certain specializations like Survival particularly, so for at least one alt I'll probably go back and do the Artifacts for a little bit and once I've done those hop out and finish in another expansion.

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