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    i mean it IS called raid TESTING. the fact people thought of using tbc items with sockets and actually got a power boost from it provides feedback in two ways. first, they can experience more of the fight to find more bugs. 2nd, tbc items and possibly other legacy items need some kind of fix to prevent this from happening on live.

    you see cheating, i see valuable test data.
    Your 2nd point is not valid. TBC items are scaled up because there is an ilvl upscaling, which is not used on retail, at all. Try to learn PTR/Betatesting before you say something completely invalid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShiyoKozuki View Post
    People are equipping TBC gear with 3 gem slots/set bonuses because raid testing scales your gear up in ilvl.


    Why is this allowed?
    Testing being the key word. I....

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    So did they win the ptr with this cheat ?
    Even if this was on live all they are doing is equiping gear, they arent bypassing any mechanics.
    Its an easy fix anyway, remove scaling from the game..

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