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    Lego. Star Wars action figures. Lightsabers.

    Then I basically stopped playing with toys entirely and it was 100% books and video games.
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    Star Wars original trilogy toys. Still have a fair amount of them in the garage.

    Wish I’d picked up more g1 transformers but only had a few. Omega Supreme guards my computer desk.

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    Legos, played with them so much my parents gave them away one day while I was at school, which sucks because I must have had like $800 worth of legos.

    Lately I've been thinking about getting the lego millennium falcon, the one with 7,500 pieces.

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    Growing up? Fuck, I'm 36, give me Lego and I'll sit happy for hours.

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    I was all about Power Rangers and had a pretty impressive Zord collection for a while as a kid. For a few years, Power Rangers stuff was all I wanted for birthdays/Christmas. I eventually moved on to other interests as I got older and gave all my old Power Rangers stuff away.

    Legos were always a thing in my childhood too. My brother and I used to build Lego "towns" with garages and such to park Hot Wheels cars.

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    Those things were awesome too. You could build all kinds of contraptions with them.

    I remember one kid got in trouble at school because he rigged up a sort of "catapult" with K'Nex. You could load it up with the little yellow K'Nex pieces and fire them for a short distance. It didn't have a lot of force to it, but it was enough that a teacher confiscated the thing (this was pre-Columbine, so the punishment wasn't too severe, although I imagine it'd be a lot worse with the zero tolerance stuff these days).
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    unless they have tentacles and more then 2 eyes.

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    flying the exodar...into the sun.
    i really liked legos.
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    Tamagotchi... until I lost it. Surprised to see these are actual still popular today, although nowhere near as popular as they were

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    Transformers in the middle 80s. I LOVED those things.

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    Legos, of course.

    I also got into plastic models (WW2 airplanes mostly), and later Warhammer figures, up until I finished Highschool.
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    Transformers were a soft spot of mine for years.

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