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    I'm confused anytime People try to pretend that outdoor content has ever been a difficult thing to do in WoW. Especially at max level.

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    Yeah, I don't even like mobs scaling up. At least in the initial expansion zones. I love feeling much stronger while I'm travelling as the expansion goes. I just simply love it that way.

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    A game without aiming and dodging can only be trivial or a chore in solo mode. They actual gameplay mechanics to stay alive are basically "Move to a certain location in time" and "press defense button in time". And as you do this bazillions of times while grinding something this needs to be trivial to not be annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Kami Dende View Post
    I'm confused anytime People try to pretend that outdoor content has ever been a difficult thing to do in WoW. Especially at max level.
    It was never difficult, but it wasnt this trivial. The difference is that if you mispulled too much, or didnt properly handle a pull, you could (rarely) die, even in leveling, all the way to around mop. Now it just wont happen and most endgame zones become trivial days after a char is maxed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTaurenChieftain View Post
    Call me old-fashioned: But there was a time where people actually enjoyed playing a game by itself and not just to do chores or to get to the "endgame". But maybe WoW isn't for those people anymore.
    For many, especially those with social ties with guilds, WoW is a lifestyle. Incorporate an activity into your daily routine and you become invested in it. That, to a degree, is why players react strongly to dev gambles/failures or grumble while continuing to play.

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    They could lower general mob-density and give mobs 1-2 mechanics you want to kick or evade. Or give mobs some combos they can pull off like a casted stun followed up by a heavy hitting attack.

    Personally, I would like to see a an "outdoor meta" in which you can't pull 10-15 mobs and 1-shot them like they're bowling pins. Pulling 3-5 Mobs and having to care for mechanics, use defensives etc would be much more healthy.

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    I always wanted more powerful outdoors. I remember the timeless cloak area being loads of fun to grind with a few Guild mates after a raid. Mindless but pull too many and it could be a problem. I think there should be some kind of option to scale mobs up in certain parts of a zone via phasing/layering of a server so you can group up and have a challenging time questing/grinding in a zone but the base world stays trivial for the scrubs.

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    We were supposed to get new AI in BFA, in the Islands, remember? Lul.

    The harder you make the game, the higher the barrier of entry for noobs and children and they can't have that barrier too high because they've got pets, critters, pokemans and animu mounts to push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelwing View Post
    Yes I am fine with that. When geared and basically the max level mighty hero. I expect to walk around freaking destroying general crap in the world.
    We destroy world alredy during leveling you dont need any overgear. And if mob is actualy tough its rather annoying becouse mobs doesnt do any damage at all its just takes huge amounth oif time to kill it. But you can just sit there in all mobs skills and your hp bar will barely move regardless of gear.

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    They could always bring back vanilla difficulty where one stray kobold that wasn't CCed runs off and makes a "train" to chase you down.

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    Yes. I don't want to be mechanically challenged just going around doing daily chores. If that was the case the line between dungeons/raids and the outside world would blur and you'd have to start asking the question of what's the point in instanced content at all? There's a place for a challenge, and the outside world is not it. Not to mention there are many, many people who play the game extremely casually and just like to do mundane activities like running around gathering herbs to sell, what would you say to all those players who just play to chill out, they are now no longer the target audience of World of Warcraft? It's a ridiculous notion.
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